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Do not change after the operation pattern of weak market still cautious today is the last day of this week, this month, this quarter, according to the previous day before the last day of the trend, the market will not be too severe, compared with the market close to the basic environment; today the market performance is also not too big accident, continue to maintain the shock pattern of the overall market recently. From the economic environment, the hot property market background, the stock of short-term will not have a strong counterattack, but with the expansion of the bubble, the visible hand of government or the drainage property funds flowing into A shares market gradually, sharply after the holiday incremental funds involved less likely, but the stage of intervention or will open. Therefore, the festival or A shares will be the starting point of the new year market, holding firm latent patience. The subscription and investment operation strategy look after the holiday Friday all day long weak shocks in the end, volume is still A shares of a fatal mishap. But, anyway, all wait again the day after tax holiday, have a good rest! The strength of the market, there is always a chance, see below and record reviews of investment in September 30th! High energy environmental cues in theme selection and investment program, intraday rose to 5.62%!         Coship prompt and investment adviser trading card column, intraday rose to 4.99%!     and the popularity of Irving Yaoxing column that Kang Yue technology, intraday rose to 10%!       optimization of investment policy that golden section of the Baan water, Deason shares, intraday gains were: 3.75%, 3.54%!         investment and the investment focus notes, understand the daily market trends. Optimal investment strategy: interim short-term disturbance does not change the medium logic. Check and investment policy themes, to tell you the key after operation! Investment, to make the right choice at the right time, and will always care! Professional and unique perspective, and not only the professional investment adviser! Superior Institute of Finance – professional, innovative, rigorous! With investors, with our professional perspective tells the story of A shares. Every story bears the opportunity, attention and care, understand A shares, the opportunity is in your hands! (subscription and investment, stock ideas)相关的主题文章:

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