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About the fare rise just drops denied net subsidies discount less in hot issue after more than three months, the "Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") today began to implement the network, car end streaking era, officially obtained legal status. At the same time, fewer subsidies, the driver enthusiasm waned, became a prominent change in the industry after the introduction of the new deal. And after entering in October, a number of provinces and cities have introduced a relatively harsh local policies, attracted a lot of controversy, a lot of network about the car or non-compliance will be required delisting". Commented that how to develop local policies, will largely affect the network about where to go. Fare is up or not up? In the interim measures introduced more than three months, the network about the car industry has undergone no small changes, which reduce subsidies, fare increases, many passengers feel the most intuitive. People often take a taxi from the city of Shunde, Beijiao, Guangzhou to work, before this, a one-way trip fare 16 yuan or so, and now it will be around $22, when the peak will reach $30. For fare increases, insiders said, in addition to the new deal, but also with the acquisition of excellent step (China) related, drops in China’s travel market invincible hand. However, the number of people who travel in an interview with reporters denied the fare increase, said the fare price did not rise, but usually subsidies, discounts and other concessions less. Driver training and assessment is difficult to implement the "Interim Measures" and asked the driver to certificates, after examination by the network booking taxi driver license issued by the relevant departments ". So, in the three months of the new deal, the network about the car driver is the relevant training? More than a network of about car driver told reporters, has been without notice to attend training. These drops travel stakeholders also responded to reporters, due to the specific policies have not yet been fully introduced in various places, the platform company can not organize the driver for the appropriate training and assessment. In addition to the requirements of the driver, the Interim Measures also made provisions for vehicles. For example, only 7 seats and below passenger cars, the need to install a vehicle with a record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm devices, etc.. However, compared to the "Interim Measures", policy advice version of the local municipalities issued more strict, so many car drivers will face about network switch". "The local regulations of the" tight "central to the introduction of the new network about the car market to provide a space for development, more relaxed but less restrictive, local regulations are tight." Associate Professor, School of law, Southeast University, deputy director of the center for transportation law and Development Research Center Gu Dasong said in an interview with reporters. Currently, local policies are still in the stage of soliciting opinions, and ultimately how finalized, but also by the community’s attention. For local policies, Guda song believes that should hold the pilot and test of attitude. He pointed out that one year or two years can be provided for the trial period, in specific practice to explore the specific management methods suitable for the place. Southern daily morning相关的主题文章:

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