Death! Paris defender speech insult coach + Ibrahimovic no battle Chelsea-yuanjiao

Death! Paris defender Ibrahimovic insult coach + missed the war Chelsea Arie sina sports Paris St Germain lead in Ligue 1 has been unable to shake, they will be playing in the Champions League with Chelsea, but this time the team appeared very jarring events, the Ivory Coast Guard Team Arie blatant verbal attacks by coach Blanco and the team mate, was suspended. Arie through interactive video and fans, a fan asked Blanco whether to Ibrahimovic X, Oriyah replied: "he did what." At the same time, he called Blanco "faggot", which is a derogatory term for homosexuality. At the same time, Oriyah also on the other players offensive attack, he believes that van der (wetter than wet), smuggled goods that goalkeeper Sirigu Guez, the word meaning is useless. When it comes to Di Maria, Oriyah thinks he’s a clown (Clown). This video also caused a great disturbance, Blanco was very angry, he announced the suspension of Paris Saint Germain, he will not play against Chelsea, Oriyah then apologized, said they are willing to accept any punishment. Arie 2014 Paris St Germain from Toulouse, was elected the best right back in the French league this season, he represented Paris Saint Germain in 26 appearances, scoring 4 goals and 3 assists. (Pi Yasong)

作死!巴黎后卫言语侮辱主帅+伊布 无缘战切尔西 奥里耶   新浪体育讯  巴黎圣日耳曼在法甲联赛中领先优势已经无法撼动,他们即将出战与切尔西的欧冠淘汰赛,这时候队内却出现了非常不和谐的事件,队内的科特迪瓦后卫奥里耶公然用言语攻击主教练布兰科和队友,遭到了球队的停赛。   奥里耶通过视频和球迷进行互动,一名球迷询问布兰科是否给伊布口X时,奥里耶回答:“他什么都做。”同时,他称布兰科为faggot,这是一个对同性恋的贬义词。   同时,奥里耶还对其他队友进攻了攻击,他认为范德维尔是水货(wetter than wet),认为门将西里古guez,这个词意思是没用。谈到迪马利亚,奥里耶认为他是小丑(clown)。   这段视频也引起了轩然大波,布兰科对此非常愤怒,巴黎圣日耳曼宣布对他进行停赛,他将不会出战和切尔西的比赛,随后奥里耶进行了道歉,表示愿意接受一切处罚。   奥里耶2014年从图卢兹加盟巴黎圣日耳曼,曾当选法甲联赛的最佳右后卫,本赛季他代表巴黎圣日尔曼出场26次,打进4球助攻3次。   (皮亚松)相关的主题文章:

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