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Careers-Employment Be Your Own Boss Jobs can be very rewarding. When someone does what they truly love for money its an intensely enriching experience. But sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Without good work/life balance, a once top performing individual can find his or her self worn out, depressed, and frustrated. So how can people with be your own boss jobs avoid burn out? Here are top deadly traps to avoid for be your own boss jobs. Trap 1: Not knowing how to say no. Businesses and customers can be demanding. Not every opportunity that .es along is a pot of gold for be your own boss jobs. When things pop up its important to ask if its truly important and demands immediate attention. Also, it means, saying no to things that are not a good fit. The word no is a valued friend to those who use it when necessary. Trap 2: Wasting time with every client who .es along. Not every person who .es into someones path is an ideal prospect or customer for be your own boss jobs. When prospects .e along, qualify them to see if they are truly a fit before dedicating time to pursue them as a customer. By the same token, be your own boss jobs owners know that every customer is not a good customer. Some customers be very demanding, hard to please, and a total frustration to work with. Develop a red rope policy to allow people who deserve and qualify to take up ones time. Trap 3: Putting be your own boss jobs before family. Owning ones own business is often very demanding. Taking time to put into perspective why you are doing it all helps one to remember that family is important. Schedule dates with spouses. Set aside important time with kids. Individuals should also make time for self care. Trap 4: Tolerating distractions. Whether its a mess in the house, noise from the kids radio, or getting too much spam, identify and eliminate distractions. If family or friends call during work time remind them to call when the work day is over for ones be your own boss jobs. Guard against wasting valuable time on checking Facebook, playing games online, or browsing through emails. Trap 5: Not chunking like tasks together. A surefire way to drain energy of be your own boss jobs is doing this task and that task in a scattered fashion. Make a list of what is demanding attention. Chunk like tasks together. This approach creates focus, uses less energy, and ac.plishes more. In summary, be your own boss jobs are very rewarding. Knowing the deadly traps and how to avoid them is key to being successful and productive while enjoying a good quality of life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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