Day 23 degrees north lying stone bed Twins – tourism Sohu dingxiangwuyuetian

Day 23 degrees north lying stone bed Twins – tourism Sohu everyone has a Yunnan, Lijiang sunshine, Dali Shangri-La dream is debauch, fascinating. I came to Yunnan, choose to go to 23 degrees north, across the Tropic of cancer, the smell of a tea that I traveled to Yunnan, Puer tea, have a new understanding and feelings of pu’er. Our trip to Yunnan Pu’er is precisely the start in Kunming, so I have to think of the famous Yunnan tourist route "Queensland dali". Different from the traditional route, we drove all the way south, from Kunming to tea, car along the highway speeding across Dianchi, crossing the road green, in the evening arrived in the county of Mojiang city. Mojiang Hani Autonomous County of Yunnan province China Autonomous County is under the jurisdiction of the city, is the only Chinese Hani Autonomous county. A bumpy road, a very local delicacy is essential, rather than a full table name is not on the food, the table was covered with a layer of pine needles more curious. Why do you want to eat such a "green tablecloth" just for the sake of beauty? It is said that the people of Yunnan have the custom of pine flooring: Chung Mao aroma, shop in the room can bring fresh air. Then set the table with pine needles, whether there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful? The original pine needles on behalf of evergreen, the local people in general will entertain guests when we shop, then these strangers from today’s tea guests. Of course, there is no need to drink, and even the girl also has a small guy". Mojiang County, the country’s only Hani Autonomous County, the Tropic of cancer through the city, can be said that the sun turned the place. In the morning, we walked through the bustling streets, came to the Tropic of cancer park. This park to the north of the regression line position in 2038 (latitude 23 degrees 26 minutes) the main axis, facing the ground glass line, left to right for the tropical, temperate, is also a cross action. Some people may ask, why is the 2038 Tropic of cancer position? In fact, the Tropic of cancer is in the range of one hundred meters within the cruising back and forth, cycle for about one hundred years. Step up in the park, the field of vision is more open, overlooking the entire Mojiang county. On the way, the park and the Tropic of cancer, many signs of the Hani nationality building panoramic view. At this time, to attract the attention of the people at the top of the two wells. What is the secret? As I slowly road to. Mojiang is located in the southern part of Yunnan Province, the Tropic of cancer just through the center of the county. 23 of the county’s territory is in the south of the Tropic of cancer, and about 13 of the area is north of the Tropic of cancer. Some people think that the Tropic of cancer is tropical and temperate boundaries, where they live, so prone to combination of yin and Yang, the twins. In Mojiang, the twins and twin twin fruit plants, the phenomenon is prominent, so here is also known as the "hometown of twins". The twins are a kind of special physiological phenomenon in human reproduction, in the crowd of naturally occurring rate is about 1/1000, which is located on the Tropic of cancer in Mojiang County, a total population of 360 thousand, there are thousands of twins, especially in Hexi Village in the territory of the county, the proportion of even more than 4% twins.相关的主题文章:

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