Cultural Road overpass top two car accidents are now involved in

Top overpass cultural road two traffic accidents involving alcohol are at 21:30 on October 27th Xu, top Cultural Road overpass on a Honda sedan in motion suddenly crossed the double yellow line, and across a taxi collided head-on. Subsequently, Honda lost control of the car, and another taxi collided head-on. The first taxi windshield broken, on the left side of the body is damaged, second taxi car damage is more serious, almost scrapped. Accident caused two drivers and two passengers were injured in varying degrees, of which second taxi drivers seriously injured. Police rushed to the scene, found that the Honda driver was arrested for drunk driving. October 28th around 30 points, the same in the top of the Cultural Road overpass, not far from the first accident, and there were a total of second traffic accidents. A flying licence in Fuxin Benz car traveling from north to south the double yellow line, will be on the opposite side of the road to the Elantra sedan rearview mirror cut out, and then the opposite driving a Mercedes Benz car collided with a flying licence in Inner Mongolia. After the collision, Inner Mongolia license Benz and rear end in front of a Buick car, Buick automobile and lead a Jetta taxi cut occurs. After the accident, Fuxin Benz car license to fled in disarray, out of more than 50 meters, the traffic police intercepted. After testing, the driver was arrested for drunk driving. Two drivers suspected of drunk driving were taken away by the relevant departments to investigate. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Su Huiting reporter Shen Sheng相关的主题文章:

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