Crystal just a couple lift chunqiangshezhan thick smell of gunpowder – Sohu was part company each go-coinwatch

"Crystal just a couple lift chunqiangshezhan almost thick smell of gunpowder – Sohu   entertainment part company each going his own way; " crystal just a couple of " lift chunqiangshezhan Sohu entertainment news last week," crystal just a couple "to return to Atlanta, to work together, to outwit, the first stage of the Championship off scores. This week the speed into the white hot stage, resulting in three at the same time, there will be a group of partner will leave. It is a fast-paced Racing Tour, "crystal just a couple" seemed to have a strong sense of crisis, emotional fluctuation, style mutation, is no longer a taste of sugar show affection, racing midway dispute, the smell of gunpowder is quite strong, almost "part company each going his own way". "Crystal just a couple" food market dispute Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok was relentless thick smell of gunpowder "abandoned" last week, "crystal just a couple" in Atlanta contest a road hanging open, power beyond the other group of guests. This week, the couple tried to racing and time to follow up a victory with hot pursuit. Unexpectedly, the two encounter in Waterloo, into a "lost storm", a dispute on the spot. In Mexico, the local vegetable market, the couple could not "positioning" destination, both out of position "". "Tension type player" Kenneth Fok travel to the vegetable market in the whole, uncharacteristically, not to utter a single word. Guo Jingjing saw her husband into a narrow path, not consciously, bluntly: "there (destination) will not be so narrow," before Kenneth Fok answered, he retraced their path. And Kenneth Fok is a face puzzled, impatiently asked his wife: "why don’t we help local people?" Two people immediately into a dispute, the scene is very strong smell of gunpowder. I saw Guo Jingjing as a "shield", again in a vegetable market in a way around, don’t stop complaining: "can not find ah! Here is a mess!" The voice just fell, she discovered that her husband Kenneth Fok has decided to go before, left his still. Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok Losangeles stage "chunqiangshezhan" in fact this is not the way each one sticks to his own view, the couple first disagree. In the early stage of Losangeles, to build the "Oscar", because the couple had differences of opinion, launched a fierce "chunqiangshezhan". When the "Curve Wrecker" Kenneth Fok is concentrating on efforts to build "Oscar", while Guo Jingjing thinks that build results and schematic "opposite" on the spot ", put forward rectification opinions". The couple also specially to determine the area, demonstration stage "Oscar" model, trying to convince each other. However, the situation has not reversed. In the face of Guo Jingjing’s question, Kenneth Fok firmly said: I am very sure that my method is correct!" Guo Jingjing retorted, "but you’re not the same as the picture!" Eventually, the couple refused to give each one sticks to his own view. Racing Tour has already entered the final sprint stage, from the speed of three speed of only one step away, the guests who have struggled on, who do not want to have a moment behind. This is a critical period, whether the "crystal just a couple" how to "break" crisis, we can only wait for the broadcast of Friday evening 21:06 will broadcast Shenzhen satellite TV "Amazing Race" in the third quarter.相关的主题文章:

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