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Courtyard Villa according to string line of good taste and delicacy – Sohu Courtyard Villa according to string line delicacy good taste Lotus Park on the edge, elegant, exquisite luxury villa stood meantime, many have been transformed into have a unique style restaurant, here is the delicacy of fragrant lotus villa area, recently, a large coffee wine beauty food delicacy added new stores, and some main barbecue dish Sichuan delicacy. The name of this shop is very auspicious wealth to the people, to hear the name certainly impressive first, elegant decoration and spacious courtyard room, regardless of the outside dining area and the bar high foot table overall design is quite a character surrounded by trees in the meantime, it is suitable for small friends. Just have the opportunity to participate in a few days before Halloween the gold arch trendsetter lying, there are hot rush envelopes activities for the whole opening on a festive atmosphere, we sit in the courtyard on the long table, the store has been very generous on the N there are many dishes, beer is brewed, the black beer beer yellow, the taste is very good, after a string line and a good place to have a drink. A wine with a string line that is quite good, here a lot of barbecue type, all kinds of cattle and sheep pig rabbit meat string mouth oil, and the sheep kidney leek, there are a variety of shellfish and other seafood. A string of wine that is very leisurely enjoyment. There are a series of Sichuan cuisine, and Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil Duojiaoyutou is sweet with spicy crawfish, especially taste crisp, wine is drunk: the perfect flame goose is the signature dish, cover the pot boiling on the fire ignition let goose stuffing, with thick juice alcohol completely into goose, smell the smell of goose super tasty, very good one, with a clear fried rice grain that is quite cool. Dry pot chicken: fried frog after more crisp, the wine is also very good. Thirteen: Thirteen the practice of incense incense crawfish taste the most rich, spicy taste can also allow more people to accept crayfish tasty, fresh meat Q shells, shredded fish skinning: This is a bright eyes, fish out of salt and cook food wobble, the appearance is very good, it kept fish taste delicious. Dip in a garlic sauce. Sliced Boiled Pork with Garlic Sauce: also a famous Sichuan, garlic fragrant meat salty delicious marbled fat but not greasy. Good taste. Cold pork: butterfly shape elegant, smooth taste tasty meat is tight. Cucumber carved flower, beautiful, fresh vegetables. Blueberry Yam: appearance is also very good. Yam slices topped with blueberries, sweet taste greasy. According to (food and wine beauty catering) address: No. 8 Jialianli Tel: 0592-8698888相关的主题文章:

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