Claudia Deng Chao Sun Lijie, Lord Li Chenfan nickname is really love to hurt each other tda7294

Claudia Deng Chao Sun Lijie, Lord Li Chenfan nickname hurt each other is really loving public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Sun Li the day before yesterday at micro-blog share "cosmetic" fat Deng Chao photos, then Deng Chao drying out Sun Li met Deng Chao before the other old photos back. Sun Li ugly as the other half to bask in their intimate messages, surprise gifts, ordinary couples, couples show loving formula. But there are part of the entertainment star couple, lovers do not like the general routine go. Praise the other half here is not common, but changing the way the "black" the other half is what they love. In fact, on the surface is hurting each other, "truth or show affection, this is the means of senior stars show of affection. If you want to learn the advanced techniques refer to show affection, Deng Chao and Sun Li, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing, Yuan Hong and Xinyi Zhang, Ella[and Lai Sixiang micro-blog] these couples, lovers’ mutual black daily". However, this technique is also used to show affection for the premise must be the other half of your generous enough! Otherwise, your fate is difficult to predict…… Deng Chao & Sun Li demonstration tricks: mutual recrimination aging is the natural law, but for the entertainment stars, well maintained, because most people dress up experience, after the debut, are walking uphill Yan value. However, as ordinary people cannot bear to think of the past past, star is old (ugly) as one of the past is the star cannot bear to think of the past. Recently, the old couple Deng Chao and Sun Li in the micro-blog open their old photos and photos in contrast, attracted a lot of people watching eating melon. The first two photos posted on micro-blog in the day before Sun Li Deng Chao, and remarks on "plastic surgery before and after surgery". Although the two photo, Deng Chao is wearing sunglasses, backpack, holding a coffee, similar behavior state but "cosmetic", Deng Chao was a little fat, also appears as "cosmetic" type. A "joke" Sun Li really attracted a lot of friends comments, some netizens even quipped Sun Li is "President of super brother black powder". Unexpectedly, a few hours later, Deng Chao also sent Sun Li on a personal micro-blog compared to "retaliate" wife, but he remarks in the picture have an ulterior motive of Sun Li on the "met Deng Chao before and after Deng Chao met". Obviously, "met Deng Chao after" Sun Li more western style, while the former is a little soil, some netizens even coldly commented, "a little taste of aunt. The empress of fashion, the original super brother made it ". However, more people are worried that openly on the Internet exposure Sun Li old photos of the home, really do not have to kneel on the keyboard or the? Look at each other black, but this is the empress and super brother daily. Li Chen & Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing Li Chen demonstrated tricks: random change often some people don’t know the nickname nickname between lovers, "honey" and "baby" is the most common appellation. Before and Li Chen love, Fan Bingbing has been known as "fan ye". But after two people together, it is understood that Li Chen’s nickname for Fan Bingbing is "small fan"相关的主题文章:

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