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Home-Improvement Confused with which blown in insulation to apply to his home under construction, Jake asked me which .pany upgraded my attic insulation in Virginia and a list of other reputable insulation contractors in Virginia so he can have the assurance that he is not going to waste his hard earned money. Every home can truly benefit from insulation as it cuts down electrical bills and it guarantees weatherproof. It .es in different types so the homeowner has to consult an insulation .pany and discuss his options before availing insulation service. Blown fiberglass insulation is one of those more popular types of procedures used for air ducts of houses and .mercial buildings. It reduces heat flow thus .plementing the weather at present. If its summer, it makes your home cooler while warmer during the winter. Recent articles about insulation, however, suggest not to apply fiberglass as it is a carcinogen, but .panies manufacturing this insulation material vehemently disagree. According to them, fiberglass insulation is not hazardous as it is covered with a protective material right after it is applied to ones home. What could be dangerous, they say, is installing fiberglass without the necessary precaution. Risk takers, back off from this one lest suffer the consequence. Blown cellulose insulation is another method that makes use of old newspapers. Personally, this is my preference even when others fear it for the high risk of fire. Though made up of a flammable .ponent, manufacturers of cellulose insulation see to it that they treat this type of insulation with fire retardants such as sodium borate, ammonium sulfate, monoammonium phosphate, sodium tetraborate, and many other proven chemical mixtures. After sharing this information regarding insulation with Jake, I further explained to him that insulation is not only intended for attics but Im focused on mine since Im facing budget constraints nowadays. For those who have more to shell out, it would be ideal to insulate the ceiling, basement and floors of your home, too, for maximum sound control. I also added that apart from blown fiberglass and cellulose insulations, he ought to know that there is a list of other effective insulation procedures and materials he might want to opt for. I encouraged him to conduct a research because what I shared is only a backdrop. Besides, I cant guarantee him what works for my house will also do for his. To each his own, right? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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