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Chongchao situation analysis: Huang Haiquan’s health before and lost the initiative Ming Lang – Sohu in the Yellow Sea 0-1 sports break Zhu Jianrong blow with the referee Beijing time on September 11th, the 2016 season in the League twenty-sixth round finishes. The team Chongchao group mixed, Qingdao the Yellow Sea and Guizhou Zhicheng 1-1 let the two teams no longer to lead in a championship racing together bridle to bridle. But in the away victory over Beijing and Tianjin, the right to health in up to second in the standings at the same time let his Chongchao prospect becomes clear, on the contrary and has lost the initiative chongchao. In the current round of a matter of Chongchao qualification of the focus of World War II, the road of Tianjin right to health with the grid UVA a one shot and Mourinho Zhang repaired the plum to open two degrees more than 3 to 1 victory over Beijing and. With this victory, Cannavaro’s team has also successfully exceeded the current round of losing Guizhou Zhicheng, ranking rose to second league. It can be said that after winning this season may be the most critical game of the season, Tianjin’s right to the health of the situation suddenly became clear. The team has already faced desirelessness Xinjiang Tianshan snow leopard and Dalian side, with the full 6 points should have great hope. Of course, direct dialogue and the second round bottom Guizhou Zhicheng will probably decide in advance the fate of the two teams, considering both the first leg match, Tianjin had the right to health in the home court to defeat opponents, so a draw may be enough to allow the team to accept. While the last round back to the home court in Meizhou Tianjin Hakka, the right to health is expected to win the complete ending. In the current round of losing Beijing and has lost the initiative Chongchao, although the team will then respectively with Qingdao the Yellow Sea and Guizhou Zhicheng two big super competitors in direct dialogue, but is now behind Chongchao District 5 results, let the people of Beijing and not at the same time in the last four rounds to to grab points in the hope that the top three team for the lost points. It is worth mentioning that, although no longer master Chongchao initiative, and in theory but there are still some hope, so to win in the next Guizhou Zhicheng and Qingdao the Yellow Sea teams also strive to, may to some extent this will also help to the right to health in Tianjin. Qingdao the Yellow Sea in the afternoon of the Qingdao Derby war in 1 to 0 victory over Qingdao, the victory will not only lead the team alone in a table, it is firmly holds the initiative chongchao. The next four games, the team has only one home game, which may be the biggest disadvantage. But the real advantage is integral level will make the team more emboldened, as long as to adjust their mentality, believe that Qingdao the Yellow Sea still has hope to achieve a historic breakthrough. In a game the earlier in the previous on goal lead in a championship in Guizhou Zhicheng defeat is struggling to avoid relegation Wuhan zall pinzheng. This defeat is also let Guizhou Zhicheng Chongchao prospect suddenly become dangerous. At the end of the four round of the league, Guizhou Zhicheng will face Beijing and Dalian party, right to health in Tianjin and Xinjiang Tianshan snow leopard, although four opponents in the situation is not the same, but the team still faces no small difficulty points take the next league with Beijing and game)相关的主题文章:

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