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China Air Force pilot training mode changed the growth cycle to 5 years – the Sohu military channel, reported on October 30th, after years of exploration Chinese training mode reform pilot in the air force, has been basically established a new "three five stage" training system, many types of combat aircraft into colleges, pilot growth cycle shortened from 7 year to 5 years. This reporter learned from the October 30th "International Conference on military flight training, 2016," held in Zhuhai. "Military flight training is the fundamental way to train and improve the air combat capability, which is related to the overall situation and long-term development of the air force." The opening ceremony, Zheng Qunliang, deputy commander of the air force to the 25 air force representatives speech. He said that the Chinese air force in the military flight education and training concepts, group training mode, training content and methods and other aspects of a series of innovative exploration, training levels and further enhance the level of. "That is to explore how to use the best platform, the shortest time, the least resources to train high-quality military pilots." Li Chunchao, deputy chief of staff of the air force, told Xinhua News Agency reporters. At present, the air force pilot training model reform has achieved initial results, College – modified base combat troops, three training system basically formed. The new model, F – 7, – 9, detonation annihilate – 6, – 8 combat aircraft transport into colleges, shorten the pilot training period of nearly 2 years, greatly improve training efficiency. "Originally, require about 2 years to complete the transition to a combatant Cadet to combat troops after graduating from college and now, to combat troops after adaptive training short-term, can combat duty." Liu Di, director of the Air Force Training Bureau, told Xinhua News Agency reporters. Liu Di made a speech at the conference entitled "China’s Air Force pilot training innovation practice". He believes that the optimal path of personnel training, lay a solid foundation in basic education, actual practice, also need to broaden the entrance, carry out early education, early intervention, early education, early success, to stimulate young people’s interest in aviation, improve the quality and efficiency of personnel training from the source. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of communication and cooperation. "Cooperation and communication is the catalyst to promote better and faster development." He said that in recent years, the air force China regularly organized military flight training international conferences, international students and foreign air force academy week forum, and the Allied air force exchange professional inspection groups and organizations to participate in military flight students, air darts, joint training and joint exercises and training exchanges and other activities, as well as the ability to improve, enhance mutual trust. Representatives of the multinational air force representatives spoke highly of the Chinese air force open, collaborative attitude. Today’s forum is of great significance for the participants of the national air force, to have such a discussion in many aspects, such as education pilot flight training platform, I said to the air force for China." The Pakistan Air Force Chief of staff assistant Mohamed? He said brigadier general Zal ghaith zaff?. "I hope Chinese air force to establish more close and long-term relationship, in the training of officers at all levels.相关的主题文章:

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