China Petroleum released interim results in 2016 in the first half net profit fell by more th-aizi

Chinese oil interim results released in 2016   the first half net profit down more than 90% Central Enterprises — Chinese News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, in Beijing in August 25, the evening of August 24th, Chinese oil released 2016 interim results. In the first half, the company achieved operating income of 739 billion 67 million yuan, down by 15.8%, attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of $531 million, down by 97.9%. The company’s four business segments, exploration and production sector in the first half turnover of $182 billion 480 million, down by 25.8%, operating expenses of $184 billion 899 million, down by 13.2%. In the first half, exploration and production sector operating losses of 2 billion 419 million yuan, down by $35 billion 336 million. Refining and chemical business, the first half turnover of 280 billion 993 million yuan, down by 16%; operating expenses of $253 billion 519 million, down by 23.1%. In the first half, refining and chemical sector operating profit of 27 billion 474 million yuan, an increase of $22 billion 817 million. Among them, the refining business operating profit of 21 billion 425 million yuan, an increase of $15 billion 875 million over the same period last year; chemical business operating profit of $6 billion 49 million, an increase of profit of $6 billion 942 million over the same period last year. Sales sector, turnover of 587 billion 680 million yuan, down by 17.7%, operating expenses of $583 billion 71 million, down by 18%, operating profit of $4 billion 609 million, an increase of 65.6%. Natural gas and pipeline business, turnover of 122 billion 336 million yuan, down by 12.1%, operating expenses of $110 billion 905 million, down by 10.8%, operating profit of $11 billion 431 million, down by 23.1%.       (commissioning editor: Li Nanhua, Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章:

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