Chengdu property market regulation for the first time after the land auction is now 192% high premiu-antik

Chengdu property market regulation after the first land auction is now 192% high premium plots – Beijing Sichuan online news (reporter Fan Ruiming) October 9th, Chengdu began to implement the purchase loan deal, this is also a market regulation policy following the October 1st late release after the purchase of the policy Chengdu introduction. For a time, on the property market to the different views, therefore, the first land auction in the new deal is particularly interesting. Premium 192% floor price of $5075 square meters on the morning of October 9th, Chengdu land and Resources Bureau of a land auction caused great concern in the industry. Although only a small block located in the outskirts of Chengdu, but still attracted the 10 developers, including poly, Blu ray, Rong Chuang, including. A month ago, the area has made against to the floor price of 6562 yuan square meters of prices to record highs. Day of the land auction, although the property market regulation in the continuous development of a little cautious developers, but the final Blu ray estate is still 192% of the high premium rate, the floor price of $5075 square meters competing. The mature region of the highest price of 10000 yuan square meters from the map, the land is located between Longquan Yidu Avenue and Jackie Chan Avenue, adjacent to the periphery of a number of real estate projects, complete and perfect. The Longhu three thousand court houses have been sold to 10000 yuan square meters, near the city of Baiyue fold in 7200 yuan / square meters. Price is up some time ago, there is no price adjustment plan after the new deal." A person in charge of a large developer told reporters. Visible, in some time ago crazy purchase, Longquan has long been a hot area of real estate sales. Although the introduction of the Chengdu limit the purchase of credit policy, but overall is still relatively gentle." Analysis of the industry: the new deal is mainly aimed at the fried tenants, the ability to buy a house has only been able to buy a house only minimal impact. While Longquan is a typical big face just need to improve the region and the first time, so developers will continue to be optimistic about this area in Chengdu."相关的主题文章:

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