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Chase the man hit the escort car was shot and killed the guards shot? Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) according to media reports, October 27th at noon, Dongguan City, Changan Zhen Xing three road near the intersection of usha community, an armored car was a man chasing hit, causing the vehicle glass breakage, car guards after dissuasion, shot the man, the man died after treatment. After the incident, the netizen shot to question what can escort. The reporter understands, for escorts when the use of firearms, firearms use "full-time guards escort personnel management regulations" provisions of article fifth, full-time guards and escorts to perform the task of guard or escort, to other means to protect the guarded objectives or escorted goods, shall not use firearms; it is necessary to use guns, should be based on the protection of the guardian target, escort items are not for the purpose of infringement, and try to avoid or reduce casualties and property losses. Full-time guards and escorts perform guard or escort missions, in case of guardian targets, escorted goods from violent attacks or have been violent attacks of urgent danger; full-time guards and escorts from violent attacks to endanger the safety of life or carry firearms and ammunition by robbery, robbery, not the use of firearms is not enough to stop violent crime the behavior, you can use firearms. Reporter noted that, in accordance with the "Regulations" provisions of Article 1, the reference to the "Regulations" People’s Republic of China people’s police use of police equipment and weapons, and the latter for when police use of weapons and weapons made provisions shall not use the specific circumstances. In addition, the "Interim Provisions" of the security escort companies mentioned in the management, the company should establish a "security escort of armed guards and escorts operating rules", "armored car drivers," Regulations "emergency disposal plan" such as guarding and escorting operation rules. In recent years have occurred in armored car guards killed or wounded personnel related events. As of July 2, 2015, the Agricultural Bank of Hunan Province, Yueyang City, Pingjiang Chinese Nanjiang County branch office door, physical conflict occurred near a resident and armored escort personnel, after being shot by the escorts, injured his left arm, but not life-threatening. March 2014, Hing Huludao City Lianshan District Street near the front of the Department Store ICBC, armed robbery occurred armored car case. A man in the security to the bank note escort way robbery, and shot a security guard, another security guard and returned fire, hitting the suspect. Police rushed to the scene after the suspect control. If the criminal lawyer Zhong Xin new news reporter said, if there is excessive use of handguns in the event, to see whether the guards on the other side of a warning shot, but the bullet hit parts.相关的主题文章:

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