Changan Tai cup is a dim window autumn

Changan Taihe window cup is a dim autumn autumn comes, the leaves lightly falls gradually, Beijing is entering the viewing season gorgeous in a year. Chang’an Avenue River Changan Taihe, as the influx of people into the the Imperial Palace, the golden nine silver ten sales period. The Imperial Palace walls of the city of Beijing laoqiang feel all right around the Imperial Palace, built in Ming and Qing Dynasties situation, the clouds under the top of the palace, gold jade order for people to look up at the moment, six hundred years of the Imperial City near. If the owner of a mansion in the the Imperial Palace near the side, be like palace style, the choice of real estate investment. Changan Taihe, Hu Ju near the Imperial Palace gold veins to achievement of Beijing within the second ring center mansion. Courtyard, engraved into the life of Beijing still remember the "tongue of China"? An old man in the courtyard of the roof of Beijing planting fruits in the summer, propped up a rare city green courtyard to leave beautiful memories. Changan Taihe next to the alley historian, is a former Beijing courtyard, the literati master room, now Changan Taihe 180-400m2 flat layer, and write a new legend. Chang’an Avenue Taihe, the reception hall in a gallery in Changan Tai River, build an exclusive private club — for Taihe master, and by the Changan Club exclusive operation, allowing guests to provide a platform for business circle Guests feel at home., dinner party. With the rhyme leisurely "good friend" music, the owners at leisure to see that night between the Wei and Jin Dynasties; Taihe, look out of the window in Chang’an Avenue downtown, elegant prosperous in the context of social experience. Near the Imperial Palace, Chang’an Avenue, 600 city center, so as to create a large family handed down building. 147 hardcover apartment opened selling. Project links: Changan Taihe period: two the Imperial Palace adjacent to 1800 meters, adjacent to Chang’an Avenue, Wangfujing Jinbao District, near National Museum, hold the Great Hall of the people, the National Grand Theater, Beijing Hotel and other supporting line. Product: 180-400 square meters hardcover villa purchase: VIP free air 400-819-1111 610226 marketing reception center: Beijing city Dongcheng District Jinbao Jinbao Street No. 88 Shopping Center three相关的主题文章:

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