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Are You A ‘listening’ Leader… Or Just Faking It? Posted By: sinuse Given our own extensive leadership training, we are always interested in the latest thoughts on leadership here at Cerulean, and our attention couldn’t help but be captured by one recent article that appeared on the TrainingZone website. An excerpt from a new book by leadership and learning expert David Kay, it considered the listening qualities – or lack thereof – that are present in figures of authority. Speaking of how much he looked forward to all-hands calls and Town Hall meetings, Kay drew particular attention to what he described as the "grand finale" of question time. He said that despite the ostensible aim of these sessions to "communicate a clear and consistent message to a large number of people in a timely manner", question time seemed to have a diminishing effect on the whole event. Past and prospective recipients of our leadership training here at Cerulean may be able to think back to all kinds of events that they’ve attended where certain suspect behaviours were in evidence in the host. You might recall occasions when the supposed ‘leader’ answered the question that they wished to answer, rather than the one that was actually asked.

leadership training Thoughts On Discrimination Due To Unconscious Workplace Biases Posted By: sinuse Could you be discriminating against certain staff in your workplace without even realising it? It’s not something that many of us would like to think still happens in today’s supposedly more equal world. But even the most well-meaning of us can still fuel discrimination through certain unconscious workplace biases; we explore this in our business breakfast session Unconscious Bias. The sad truth is that we aren’t always as logical as we’d like to think and this can make a big difference to, for example, someone of a certain gender, age or ethnic background gaining a promotion. Our business breakfast session on unconscious bias will introduce you to this concept and the power that it can have in the workplace. We’ll give you an example of what we mean. Sheryl Sandberg – the Facebook chief operating officer who we have mentioned on this blog before – and Adam Grant, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, wrote an article for The New York Times back in February, entitled Madam C.E.O., Get Me a Coffee.

Cerulean Blu ‘spring Clean’ Your Training With Our Learning Lunches! Posted By: sinuse Personal development is one of those things that we all know is so important for getting the most out of ourselves, in both day-to-day life and the attainment of our bigger dreams. It’s certainly something that many of us would like to get into our working lives, and yet, the spring is a time when some of us are giving up on that personal development New Year resolutions after becoming unstuck. If only there was another way… Thankfully, there is another way – enrolling on one of our renowned ‘Learning Lunches’ here at Cerulean! We also like to call them ‘business breakfasts’ or ‘training teas’, and the principle is much the same – it’s about giving you and your staff the opportunity to benefit from targeted training, at a time to suit you, and at a good price. They’re ‘bite size’ bits of learning that make perfect sense at a time when training budgets are suffering and you might not know when you can next afford – in time or financial terms! – To enroll your staff on longer courses.

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