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The Commission announced the Ministry and other 5 patrol units rectification – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on August 29th news (reporter Liu Huimin) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the Commission’s official website released yesterday by the Ministry of civil affairs, the State Bureau for letters and 5 patrol unit of rectification patrol. So far, the eighteen round of the central ninth round of inspections and rectification of all units in the region of the 36 organizations announced. The final announcement of the rectification of the party organization of the five units, respectively, is the National Union Party, State Ethnic Affairs Commission party, national petition bureau Party, the party and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Ministry of party, the weakening of universal leadership of the party, the party’s lack of construction and other aspects of the problem, each unit had a positive rectification. For example, the implementation of the political leadership of the Ministry of the party’s responsibility, through the development of relevant measures to improve the reporting system. The State Ethnic Affairs Commission will be incorporated into the numerical evaluation of Party building work focused on the assessment of leadership, and a month of unit 126 Party branch concentrated rectification of 25 community party organization construction commission to conduct a comprehensive inspection, find out the existing number of Party organizations, Party members and membership etc.. In the implementation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, organized by the Ministry of the Department of 2013 to 2016 super standard flying first-class cabin were self correction, and focus on the leading cadres of public funds to travel, to give the responsible party’s disposition, organs of the Ministry of departmental cadres Office for rectification. To exceed the standard bus storage units suspended. The State Bureau for letters in 2013 to develop the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight measures were revised, and at the end of the month to the public. In the presence of recruitment and employment issues, the Ministry of civil affairs from June this year, suspended the departmental leadership positions of the selection work, actively absorb the super distribution of inspectors, to ensure the completion of the rectification task of digestion in September next year, the Chinese National Federation of trade unions, the last year did not accurately reported personal matters related to personnel, in accordance with the the provisions are met, suspend the conversation promoted, remove the object inspection qualification process, these units also to subordinate units and other aspects of the regulatory problems were the norm, and the transfer of the central inspection team leads to the problem of disposal. At the eighteen session of the ninth round of visits to the central 36 regions and units of the party organization rectification has been released, the central has started the tenth round of inspections in June of this year, according to the plan this year, the central inspection will focus on promoting the departments and institutions patrol full coverage, to ensure that in nineteen prior to the central management of local departments, enterprises and institutions, organizations of all visits again, also the subsequent rounds of inspections in the central, will continue to carry out the look back, to have visited the place and fight, enhance the deterrent patrol.相关的主题文章:

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