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Your Inner Compass Clues To Your Dream Career-easeljs

UnCategorized "If people are adrift in today’s job market, it’s because they haven’t yet identified their dream career." – Carolyn McCormick, Success Coach Carolyn McCormick (quoted above) is my coach, helping me stay consistently on track realizing my own dream career. The quote above is something she said to me very recently. It gave me pause. Too many of us have jobs; we work, exchanging time for money and are concerned with ‘not losing,’ i.e., not losing our job or position or income. We are not playing to win. There’s a big difference between playing to ‘not lose’ and playing to win. Playing to win means we have dream careers supported by dream income. We are fulfilled and happy. What is the difference between the two approaches? Those who play to win play full out; they determine what they want, what is best for them, what will make them happy and what will let them express themselves as fully as possible. Those who play to not lose stay in fear; play small and never look at their career dreams because they are so focused on not losing. They don’t look at what it takes to win that dream career, along with the dream income. They don’t let even the possibility enter their thinking. But those who play to win know that the secret to identifying and obtaining that dream career is found by focusing on their inner compass. It’s where they find their magnetic true North – where their interests, talents, desires and values all combine to literally point them in the direction of their dreams. We all have an inner compass, but not all of us have taken the time or had the support to learn what makes up our unique true North. Many people take career assessments. These can be helpful at identifying our unique abilities, some of them hidden or not yet developed. Personality assessments can help identify our traits and preferences. Prior accomplishments can help us articulate the skills, knowledge and abilities we’ve already developed. But the inner compass is made up of much more than that information. In the world of jobs, that information is germane and critical. Ultimately, though, it exists on the periphery of the inner compass. That is because the inner compass is made up of desires, needs, values and meaning that gives the drive to express certain qualities in the world. Let’s take a closer look at the parts of the inner compass. First, it is important to identify your life purpose. It’s not as hard as you think. It is usually generic, but it also relates to your unique situation. My coach, Carolyn McCormick, identifies her purpose as ‘waking up each morning learning and growing and being with other people who are also learning and growing.’ A good coach can help you uncover your life purpose. Next, you have to look at your core values. Most of us have 6-8 core values by which we live our lives. These may change over time as our emphasis shifts with age and life experiences. For example, you may identify compassion, kindness, integrity, beauty, financial security and care for others as your core values. Whatever core values you have, it is important that you recognize how you can use them as guides in identifying your dream career. If you violate any of your core values, you feel uneasy, and vaguely guilty. It is also not easy to focus on your true North if you are living apart from your core values. Once you understand your life purpose and your core values, you can then identify your talents and interests, adding them to the mix. The power of the inner compass is activated when you have identified all the various parts that make it up. It is then that you have enough inner power to move forward in the direction of your dreams. All the parts that make up the inner compass are congruent and support one another as you move forward. Dream careers are meaningful careers. And meaningful careers move from the inside out. Get to know the make-up of your inner compass so you can steer the career course you desire. About the Author: Anita Web Weaver is the owner of Design to Shine Consulting, offering coaching, mentoring and speaking services to help people shine, no matter what, in their career, their life and their health. Get her FREE Audio: 相关的主题文章:

Warehouse Service Meant For Better Delivery Of Products-thinkpad s230u

Business Todays consumers wait for things fast & if one cant deliver, they will find someone who can. Consequently the necessity of warehouse is very important. It makes it possible for to generate artificial demand. Your entire business might be at risk if you ship products late, incorrectly package items or ship the wrong merchandise .pletely. Warehouse is used to store product and acquire it to customers in a secure & timely manner. A .puter generates an inventory of items to be transported. The items are going to be then plucked from warehouse shelves. Once the order is .plete it is packed and shipped off. Automating and centralizing much of the daily tasks involved in warehouse management is exclusive in its dual approach: it reduces costs through speed & process improvements, as elevating inventory management and warehouse visibility. When the supply is low, they’ll send you notifications so as to replenish without interrupting the fulfillment and shipping of your orders. Nearly everyone businesses know how to market and sell their products, but they don’t seem to be dedicated logistics experts. Obtaining a .petent outsourced fulfillment solution is the quick, simple, & most economical route to look at, without spending the necessary capital to construct a quality logistics operation. The products have to be handled with care to satisfy the quality of products. Warehousing or else storage refers to the holding and preservation of goods until they’re dispatched towards the consumers. Storage enables a firm to carry on production in anticipation of demand in future. Perishable products could be preserved in cold storage. As well the goods kept in the warehouse are generally insured. Temperature is among crucial parameters to control. Products like drugs has to be stored, & transported in accordance with predetermined conditions as supported by stability data given by manufacturers. Benefits of warehousing Reduce your cost Time saving Increase storage Future planning is straightforward Maximum efficiency E-.merce fulfillment services are there to support your business needs & goals. E-.merce can be nothing but the process of carrying out transactions online either through an internet site or else through mails. You possibly can shop a product at anytime from anywhere. Stock availability can be then calculated through the system based on your own rules, so even when you may not have physical stock set, availability probably are not affected apart from a recalculation of shipping time. For carrying out efficiently, it is critical that they’re carried out right at the physical level as well. You will find sequences of steps involved in processing an order. Once picked products are going to be collected each individual order may be bulk exported & printed, producing for every order a shipping label, delivery note, retained records and a Pack list. Planning a Warehouse Management System would require extensive research & evaluation of all operations in the .pany. Categorization & identification of items, processes, locations, manual labor, equipment & quality check processes should be considered to be able to create a system that works for the .pany & let the business perform realistic financial and output goals. Search for a warehouse service that could lessen your operation cost including labor cost, and loss prevention. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

How Book Shepherds Can Help Authors -stand by me shinee

Book-Reviews I recommend authors look into hiring a book shepherd for a current or upcoming writing and publishing project. A book shepherd is someone whose expertise in books and publishing will help you throughout the entire book process. From cover art, editing, dealing with Amazon to locating a printer, a book shepherd will assist you from start to finish. I am a proponent of using a book shepherd because there are so many things to know about in the book publishing process and so much is swiftly changing its extremely difficult to keep up with it all. It takes a person with experience to guide you along the way and thats what a book shepherd does. Hiring a guide is a concept thats been working for humankind for thousands of years. If you were going to a foreign land and wanted to see and do as much as you could would you read a guide book or hire someone to show you? Consider yourself fortunate if you can afford a book shepherd as it is well worth the money spent. Dan Poynter recently compiled a comprehensive list of book shepherds. At the top of his list is Shel Horowitz who explains his role: Basically, I walk unpublished writers through the process of becoming well-published authors. I start by helping them determine if they should publish traditionally, self-publish, or subsidy publish–and then help them complete all the steps for their choice, then work with them on the marketing as the book nears completion. Tanya Hall is a unique book shepherd in that she works for a national publisher/distributor. So instead of working in a vacuum without any up-to-the-minute feedback on trends, pitches, etc like most book shepherds operate, I have the luxury of a sales force and team of experts behind me to guide the direction I give to my clients. Most of our clients in development go through an editorial project development phase, followed by any number of services ranging from design to printing to (if accepted for publication/distribution by our review committee) distribution and marketing. Visit her website MikeBall, award winning syndicated columnist and author of three books, offers unique assistance to new authors from his position on the front lines of the publishing wars. Hey, it can be complicated, time consuming and downright confusing, says Ball. I just helped out an elderly author who got completely flummoxed by the forms Amazon threw at him. I understand it can be a daunting task for anyone. That why I am happy to assist for a reasonable hourly fee. Find Mike at or call him at 313-405-7664. Simon Warwick-Smith of says, We are a one-stop shop, from cover and interior design to physical printing, and eBooks, to sales, marketing and publicity. Been in business for 20 years with a long list of satisfied clients One of the biggest challenges in writing, publishing and marketing a book is to know what to do when, and how to do each step, says Beth Barany, a book shepherd, creative business consultant for authors and publishers, and an award-winning novelist. Beth says that authors come to her because they need customized support for wherever they may be in the process, whether it’s brainstorming sessions to overcome writers block for writing a novel, figuring out how to publish their helpful nonfiction book, or getting support and gaining ease with social media marketing for their mystery novel. A big advocate for self-publishing, she works with her authors to help them write, publish and market the book through the channels that makes the most sense for their overall goals, timing and budget, including traditional publishing. To find more about Beth Barany, and to sign up for a complimentary 30-minute session, go The Bottom Line: If you can afford to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a book shepherd, I highly suggest you do so as it will help save your sanity! There are so many exciting changes in the book publishing business its practically impossible to keep up with them all. The book shepherd will help you through the entire process or just a piece of the process where you need it. Check out this audio interview about book shepherds I did with Clark Covington at this link: Be sure to check out Dan Poynters list of book shepherds below and get in touch with the book shepherd of your choice. Zip Code/Country, Name, Email, Website 01035 Shel Horowitz [email protected] ; 06001 Brian Jud [email protected] ; 07930 Barbara Kimmel [email protected] ; 20191 Sam Horn [email protected] ; 22314 Mike Vezo [email protected] ; 30188 Bobbie Christmas [email protected] ; 45701 Janice Phelps [email protected] ; 68137 Lisa Pelto [email protected] ; 77041 Rita Mills [email protected] ; 78704 Tanya Hall [email protected] ; 80015 Judith Briles, PhD [email protected] ; 85226 Linda Radke [email protected] ; 87505 Ellen Kleiner [email protected] ; 89509 Jacqueline Simonds [email protected] ; 90212 Ellen Reid [email protected] ; 90245 Jan King [email protected] ; 91304 Alan Gadney [email protected] ; 92111 Lindee Rochelle [email protected] 92653 Sharon Goldinger [email protected] ; 93103 Gail Kearns [email protected] ; 94304 John Eggen [email protected] ; 94801 Peter Beren [email protected] ; 95437 Cynthia Frank [email protected] ; 95476 Simon Warwick-Smith [email protected] ; .warwickassociates.. 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The Help Of Tuition For Cracking .petitive Exams-popkart

Reference-and-Education Students mentality is different and thats not a matter as he or she is a school going kid or may be a graduate student. A perfect teacher need to understand those kind of things else you can never be a good tutor. A SAT Tutor Singapore perspective should always be different and he should always try to be a real friend of his student and then only he or she can prosper in that field. A SAT Tutor Singapore should be very much friendly and down to earth of nature so that he can understand the problem of his student and help them in solving them. Unless an IB Tuition behaves with his students frankly a student never opens up. There lot of students who are scared of asking doubts to their guide because they feel their tutor may scold them or make fun because of asking such silly and useless questions. Thats why an IB Tuition needs to think on his students perspective so that they can also feel free and clear all their doubts. Same case holds for every case whether it is nursery school or high school. Even if you go to graduation level you would always wish to have a free and frank teacher who can clear all your doubts and be friendly enough. Regarding tutors in all coaching centers or crash courses holds the same. Though one does not get enough time to pass there but still they must have that will or interest else it would be of no use. For different .petitive exams you tend to go to different coaching centers and they are really very helpful. They help you and gain you with every bit of knowledge. SAT Tuition guide you to follow the simplest of processes and systems to solve all your calculations as you dont get enough time in any of the .petitive exam. Time management is also a very important factor as you need to attempt all your questions in that stipulated exam time. For that reason you need to very proficient and expert in solving which the centers equip you with day to day practice. Practice is also very important as you need to be very fast and smart enough to answer those questions. In some exams you have that negative markings also and for that result you have to be extra cautious. Need to have confidence of solving anything and this generally grows with in you once you start with their help and they show you each and every technique. So it is always preferable and suggested to take the help of such tutors or preparation centers who can guide you and equip you with all the easiest processes. Practice and mock tests is the best thing which can help you in improving on the SAT Singapore and it is all concerning knowledge and education skills. You can gain knowledge of skills with point in time and endeavor. So, hold your confrontation and fight in taking a put into practice SAT. Acquire the force and be acquainted with, faster to a certain extent than later on, what you .prise to the lead of you in conditions of growth and improvement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Trip Report Lamu, The Pearl Of The Kenyan

Travel-and-Leisure My first thought upon arriving in Lamu, the pearl of the Kenyan coast, was where have I taken my 7-year-old kid? Dusty, dirty and it smelled, horribly. Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural significance, is steeped in the Swahili culture that once dominated the East African coast from Somalia to Mozambique. And despite my first impression, it doesn’t take long for this backwater town to get under your skin. Narrow streets, storied buildings, and elaborately carved wooden doors set the backdrop. Donkeys, the town’s sole means of transports, provide local charm. But what sets Lamu apart from the beach resorts further south are the people: courteous, and warm. While one should be aware of small tricks, as of yet, there are few ‘beach boys’ here. We spent the first afternoon wandering the settlement’s bustling streets, stopping each time something intrigued. Watching locals play Mancala, a board game, was fascinating; their skill only wholly appreciated after we had our first go at Count and Capture, as the game is often referred to in the West. Shopping also proved hard to resist. Kikoi, the striped and plaid fabric worn by men, line shops throughout the ‘old town’. And while you may be able to buy the material and get a beach cover made for less than the 5 we paid, negotiating for change may leave you feeling more guilty than satisfied. Our full-day excursion on a dhow, the age-old Arab vessels that grace the Archipelago’s shores, was about more than learning to fish with a line tied to block of wood. No pole. No reel. The journey from Lamu to Manda Beach, only a few kilometers as the crow flies, was a lesson in navigating a channel at low tide. Our lunch – fish, vegetables and rice cooked on an open fire – was a reminder that simple means can result in delicious fare. The mangrove, home to the large crabs on offer at restaurants up and down Kenya’s coast, is teeming with bird life and provoked many a whisper, "Mom, look, over there." On our last day in Lamu, we arranged a donkey ride through a local boy. For my daughter, riding a donkey with a burlap bag for a saddle was one of the highlights of our family trip. But the adventure will just as surely be remembered by the exchange that took place when my daughter’s newfound friend appeared at our hotel bearing a gift, ice cream. While my daughter happily shared the bag of cookies she had saved for the flight home, she decided that old baseball caps and t-shirts would make a better trade and should be packed on all future trips. While the initial impact of Lamu may be strong, scratch the surface and pour on. You can’t judge a book by its cover, you know. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: