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Motorcycles It is advisable to go online to find Harley starters in order to buy the product at affordable rates. Owing Harley automobile is pride and surely you would not like to .promise over ride of your Harley. If you want your Harley automobile to be your pride always then it is essential to examine it on regular basis. This will help you to rectify problem related to Harley starters, if any and thus you can enjoy smooth ride always. Inspection should be carried out by professionals so that you do not end up wasting money over wrong problems. Select the technical expert for inspection and look for the one that specializes in the type of Harley model you owe. Harley starters are the .mon problem faced by Harley owners and it is essential to deal with it properly in order to avoid further technical problems. Improper functioning of starter can affect engine and you can experience click like sound while turning ignition switch on. Where can you find right quality of Harley starter? Is it advisable to go online? Yes, online is the proper option to find right kind of starter depending on your Harley automobile model number. How to find right online shop? You do not have to do muchjust spend few minutes in research work via online medium and find the reliable shop. Look for the shop that has good market reputation and the one that deals with customer on personal basis. It means that the services should be such that you can gain solution to your queries at any point of time. The online shop you look for Harley starters should also offer proper warranty period and also have a look at exchange options. In case if you are not satisfied with the delivered starter or the model number of your automobile and starter do not match properly then you should find it favorable to exchange the product. 24/7 they should be available at your services so that you can find it easy to understand the terms associated with online purchases. Good services can make it easy for you to resolve your queries. Find your Harley starters in few clicks without wasting time in personally visiting the shop. Gone are the days when people used to visit shop and waste their entire holiday in shopping for technical parts related to Harley automobile. Now you can go online and without wasting your holiday can find best starter. Inquire about price and quality of product in details before making final purchases. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Integration Of China E-.merce-kasey chase

Business In the developing China e-.merce, integration process is the important step. There have been many hills and valleys in China e-.merce in last some years affecting global sourcing. When internet is growing then everyone in China resort to it in the hope of profit and suddenly they find it unprofitable. This wonder of internet affects the interest of people in e-.merce. In fact internet is only an information provider network system which assists in international trade. It has itself no market value but the whole things are created when market activities takes place on the information platform. When changes occur on information level in China e-.merce then only any activity is created on internet. However, paucity in China e-.merce is created only when activities take place in national and internet front of China. It leads to either loss or profit in international trade for .panies based on internet. Integration of China global sourcing and import and export is an important step in this direction taken by big domain names in China e-.merce. With it the goodwill of big domain names is utilized to create perfect .munication infrastructure platform in international trade. It is integrated with high brand name, quality structure, developed technology and good quality product in market. For developing an integration of China e-.merce, the important thing is to construct wholesome information pattern and service method in market consisting of scientific and balanced distribution of laborers and alliances. This integration of China e-.merce leads to providing perfect information platform and tactful professional services to customers. Integration of China e-.merce has led to providing a new way in growth of China import and export by resolving many major e-.merce conflicts affecting it. Some factors which contributed in the integration of China e-.merce include unique domain name and keen interest of investors. All basic factors affecting management of organization like fund, technology and personnel management are integrated to make development of China e-.merce. All these business elements leave the similar effect on the e-.merce business strategies also. However, on account of .petition the cost of these elements is otherwise very high but integration of e-.merce in China has lowered it down significantly. Thus integration of China e-.merce has major effects on Chinese economy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Cnns Lou Dobbs – The Minister Of propaganda And Enlightenment – [part 2 Of 2]-mcncc

[…Continued from Part 1] Over the years, every wave of immigration into the United States has faced fear and hostility, especially during times of economic hardship, political turmoil, or war: — In 1882, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act[1], one of America’s first immigration laws, to keep out all people of Chinese origin. — During the "Red Scare"[2] of the 1920’s, thousands of foreign-born people suspected of political radicalism were arrested and brutalized; many were deported without a hearing. — In 1942, 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent were interned in camps[3] until the end of World War II….Prompting the following: In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed legislation which apologized for the internment on behalf of the U.S. government. The legislation stated that government actions were based on "race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership," and beginning in 1990, the government paid reparations to surviving internees. — Today, immigrants especially those of Latino descent are being lambasted and labeled as thieves, crooks and illegal "disease carriers." — Even more disturbing is that some black Americans have joined the bandwagon of "Dixie White America" in incessantly using fear and misinformation, which instigates hate crimes against immigrants. The "Immigrant" is almost as frightened as was the "Negro" during the peak years of racial segregation in America. Police raids are sending ripples of fear throughout immigrant communities all over the United States. Vigilantism by racist groups like the "Minutemen," is on the rise. Families are being torn apart haphazardly, and futures are being destroyed indiscriminately. This anti-immigrant campaign is very similar to that conducted against Jews by Dr. Joseph Goebbels[4] "Minister for Public Enlightenment & Propaganda in Nazi Germany." Consider the following scenarios: 1. In Nazi Germany Jews were scapegoated as the source of Germany’s economic woes. In the United States, Lou Dobbs has insinuated repeatedly that the economic troubles of the "middle class" is a direct result of U.S. jobs being exported overseas and that immigrants are either stealing jobs from Americans and/or driving down wages. There is some truth in the "wage" element of this assertion, but without bothering to explain the "mechanics" of this claim, Lou’s over simplification results in "uninformed" contempt by his viewers of immigrants in general. 2. In Nazi Germany, audiences were continually reminded of the struggle of the Nazi Party and Germany against foreign enemies and internal enemies, especially Jews. In the present United States, Lou Dobbs always reminds his audience, that millions of foreigners and criminal illegal immigrants are running rampant in the United States, quite contrary to official statistics. He often invites "white-supremacists"[5] and demagogue politicians from racially intolerant constituencies, as analysts and commentators in his shows — while denouncing civil rights groups such as the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center as "despicable" and "reprehensible." The few pro-immigrant guests invited to Mr. Dobbs’ shows are routinely scolded and lambasted for their stance. To stir the pot further, Mr. Dobbs’ always ends his TV shows with un-scientific impromptu polls, that are always skewed and probably doctored — maliciously presented as the view of the majority. 3. Propagandists lauded Germany as the sole defender of what they called "Western European culture" against the "Bolshevist hordes(Russians)." In this town hall meeting and as in previous ones, the issue of English as an official language came up — the fear that English will be "replaced," by the Spanish language […a subliminal insinuation that the white Anglo-Saxon culture in being contaminated] has been used repeatedly by Lou Dobbs and co., to drive fear up the spines of Americans. 4. Jews in Nazi Germany were branded as disease carriers, contaminants of the pure German race — recently Lou Dobbs and despite being confronted with undisputed evidence to the contrary, maintained his claim that there have been 7,000 new cases of leprosy[6] in the U.S. in recent years attributing the increase to "unscreened illegal immigrants." Such irresponsible utterances in mainstream media, only help to embolden hate groups — who gather often to keep the ‘Cradle of the Confederacy’ safe from leprosy, pedophiles, Spanish and rampant godlessness[7]. In 2007, history is repeating itself. Lou Dobbs together with a swarm of rabid right-wing pundits, buoyed by evil politicians like Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Duncan Hunter of California, are playing a major role in fomenting anti-immigrant hysteria — stroking the fires of racist extremism and fueling a dramatic growth in hate groups. This video[8] illustrates how inflammatory speech on public airwaves fosters hate and intolerance. In the 1920’s Nazi Science had just invented the "Magneto phone," the first tape recorder, which meant that their propaganda could be time-delayed, enabling them to tailor their message of hate for local consumption — 87 years later, Lou Dobbs has access to CNN’s state of art propaganda equipment — I bet Dr. Goebbels is turning in his grave with admiration. As far as I am concerned, any person who has lived in the United States for several years, has participated fully in the system, and has no felonious mis-deeds, belongs here and ought to be treated with some respect — the firm stand — "depot them all," "we are a nation of laws" — is just a smokescreen for — "we wish this good old USA was 100% lily white." …a convenient tool for extortion. It is not only inhuman but also bigoted to the core. The vicious and racist history of this country refers. The U.S. Constitution does not give foreigners the right to enter the U.S. But once here, it protects them from discrimination based on race and national origin and from arbitrary treatment by the government. Immigrants work and pay taxes; legal immigrants are subject to the military draft. Many immigrants have lived in this country for decades, married U.S. citizens, and raised their U.S.-citizen children. Laws that punish them violate their fundamental right to fair and equal treatment. By "stroking and massaging" the dormant "hate genes" residing within the "nativists," Lou Dobbs and other right-wing demagogues are making the process of legislating the immigration issue immensely torturous, if not impossible. It is therefore my opinion that, Lou Dobbs is a tactical propagandist worse than Dr. Joseph Goebbels[9] "Minister for Public Enlightenment & Propaganda in Nazi Germany." There may be no ovens or death camps to completely cement my comparison — but the several elements of Nazism are abundantly clear. When Lou Dobbs totally ignores the "positives" and instead inflames and distorts the "negatives," he is criminally inciting the population — some of who are ready to physically eliminate anybody they can categorize as an "illegal immigrant." In a country where racism is held back in check by a cordon of laws (which are not always uniformly and fairly applied), I submit that this "distortionist" adventure which CNN and Lou Dobbs are engaged in, is not only very dangerous, but negates any progress this country has made in race relations, and diminishes America’s status as a symbol of justice worldwide. This "town hall" gathering as far as I am concerned, was a "sanctioned hate meeting" — cleverly woven into the fabric of mainstream media for profit and to promote racial division — a trend perfected by Fox News, the "UnFair and Totally UnBalanced" garbage news channel. There is a need to look at this issue intelligently, humanely and with fairness, for no one wants to be hit by Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts — secure the borders, but let all those who have been living in the shadows come out and be counted. You can bet the criminal ones will continue hiding, but the hard working immigrants who have roots in this country must be allowed to fulfill their dreams. Getting immigrants who are here unlawfully into the open is an essential process in the war against Terrorism. Scare tactics will drive them further underground — making it harder to find and track the hard-core criminal ones, who I submit do not belong in any society. America is a nation of immigrants — the flow of immigrants must be controlled and regulated, but we must not allow the issue to be hijacked and used to transport the racist agenda of the "propagandist extortionists" like Lou Dobbs, right wing political demagogues and dangerous Neo-Nazi bigots to whom Lou Dobbs has become a hero. The United States Senate has taken a bold first step, and I applaud them. Hopefully a reasoned and lasting comprehensive solution will be arrived at in due course. END — Part 2 of 2 [Sources Quoted in Article] [1] — [2] — [3] — [4] — [5] — [6] — [7] — [8] — [9] — References: 1. Nathan Thornburgh, Examines: The Case for Amnesty:,8599,1630168,00.html 2. Just as Governor Wilson’s anti-immigrant policies turned California into the bluest of Blue States, the angry, racist and xenophobic rhetoric emanating from the Republican right is turning the fastest-growing voting bloc in America against the GOP — Writes Eleanor Clift: 3. Video — Leslie Stahl grills Lou Dobbs on his Fear Mongering Distortions: 4. America the Generous: A Lost Story of Citizenship. What a young, confident nation did for immigrants — By Lawrence Downes: 5. Spreading Hysteria — CNN’s Lou Dobbs spreads anti-immigrant lies: 6. Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs: ..nytimes../2007/05/30/business/30leonhardt.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all 相关的主题文章:

Ignorance, Lying, And The Growing Nonsense Of Obama Care-antik

Many Americans believe that Obama’s health care reform effort ("Obama Care") could be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed and signed into law. The creators of the legislation never understood the root causes of our ever skyrocketing health care costs. Without an understanding of the underlying problems, there is virtually no chance of developing and implementing a coherent and effective solution. Before looking at the latest nonsense to come out about the law, let’s reviews what some experts have said in the past: – In a March 1, 2010 article in Fortune magazine, an interview of Dr. Delose Cosgrove, CEO of the renowned Cleveland Clinic, revealed the following knowledge, from a leading expert in healthcare: * Obesity accounts for at least 10% of the health care costs in the United States. * Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise accounts for 40% of the premature deaths in this country. * These same factors account for the 70% of the health care costs associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease in the United States. * Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise account for 75% of the nation’s total health care costs. Thus, according to an expert’s view, the root causes driving our high health care costs are public health related questions: diet, exercise and smoking. Rather than attack these true causes of high costs with a public health care effort, Obama Care basically constructed a massive taxation process and bureaucracy that adds complexity and taxation without solving the underlying causes. Need more, consider the findings from the National Academy of Sciences, an independent Federal agency: * The United States spends more on health care per person than any other country in the world. * Despite the high expenses, life expectancy in the U.S. is less than the life expectancies in many other developed countries. * Smoking and obesity are the primary factors driving the lower life expectancy, and likely higher health care costs, in this country. More of the same. Rather than address the cause, Obama Care tries to solve the problem administratively. But the latest research paints an even worse picture. Remember, one of the primary avowed objectives of Obama Care was to reduce the number of uninsured Americans in the United States, estimated to be between 30 and 40 million Americans. However, if you consider the following expert analyses, the legislation will fall far short of this objective also. According to a recent study by the McKinsey Consulting Group, as published in their publication, McKinsey Quarterly, 30% of the American companies surveyed by McKinsey said they would drop their employee health care plans because under Obama Care, it is a better business decision to not carry a health care insurance program and pay the small fine than it is to continue operating a health care insurance program. The companies in the McKinsey survey’s 30% said that even if they raised wages to compensate for dropping their healthcare plan, it would still be less expensive for the companies under Obama Care. Mr. Douglas Holtz-Eakin is an economist and the former director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). He is obviously someone with some valid credentials to examine Obama Care. He did so in a recent analysis and report that was published by the American Action Forum. His results and findings are damning to the legislation: * According to his analysis, Obama Care "is fiscally dangerous, raising the risk of higher labor (and other) taxes at a time when the job market is struggling." * The legislation’s weak fine system provides a strong incentive for companies to stop offering their employees and retirees health care insurance coverage. * This could result in 35 million Americans, who are covered by employer provided health care insurance, being left without health care insurance. * The Congressional Budget Office estimated, badly, that only 3 million individuals who previously received coverage through their employers will get subsidized coverage through the Obama Care insurance exchanges. Thus, they are off a factor of twelve in their forecast. * By tossing 35 million more Americans into the uninsured pool, Federal subsidies will increase by over a TRILLION dollars in ten years, wiping out any perceived or touted savings Obama Care was supposed to bring to the national debt. * Obama Care will have the greatest impact from a marginal tax rate perspective on the lowest earning workers in the country. * The analysis reviewed individual company feelings towards Obama Care, noting that Caterpillar is on record of saying that Obama Care would reduce their employee health care costs by 70% if they dropped their employee and retiree insurance programs. AT&T has said it’s annual health care insurance costs would drop from $2.4 billion to only $600 million since it would be far less expensive to drop their insurance program and pay the fine for not having one. Great, a piece of legislation that is supposed to reduce the number of Americans without health care insurance will likely increase the number of Americans without health care insurance by tens of millions of people. These analyses were not done by Republicans or Tea Party advocates. McKinsey is a highly respected corporate consulting firm with a long history of high powered analysis and Mr. Holtz-Eakin has the experience and education to back up his work. Let’s look at the numbers a slightly different way. Obama Care advocates claimed that upwards of 40 million Americans did not have health care insurance. But there are subsets within that 40 million. Some more affluent people could afford to buy insurance but decided not to since they feel they could cover health care costs with out of pocket cash as the need arose. Some of the 40 million were found to be sons and daughters of the more affluent and knew that their parents could pay for their health care expenses. Some of the 40 million were older Americans who had not yet gotten around to signing up for Medicare. Thus, even if you buy the 40 million number, the actual, truly needy Americans who did not have health care insurance, was substantially below 40 million, let’s conservatively say it was 35 million. 35 million Americans out of a total population of of 311 million Americans is about 11%. Thus, in order to fix the problem for 11% of the population, we changed the world for upwards of 89% of Americans. But wait! Out of the 89%, Obama Care is likely to result in another 35 million Americans losing their health care coverage. Ridiculous and nonsensical. How can anyone say this is good legislation? Want more? According to the statistics in this past Sunday’s St. Petersburg Times, there is another set of numbers out that show how stupid Obama Care is. The numbers were within a St. Petersburg Times article on how companies are trying to get their employees involved in exercise and other healthy activities. The statistics from the article claim that 15% of the population drives 85% of the nation’s health care costs, 5% of the population drives 60% of the cost, and 25% of the population have no healthcare costs. Would it not have been a better strategy to focus on these small groups of Americans that cause the vast majority of health care costs and fix their problems rather than upsetting the entire health care system in the country? Nonsense again. How simple could it be? Address the underlying drivers of high health care costs: obesity, bad diets, smoking, and lack of exercise. Understand who is the primary drivers of health care costs and resources and fix their problems. Instead, we get a cumbersome, complex, expensive, and incoherent 2,500 page piece of legislation that addresses none of the underlying problems while destroying health care insurance for tens of millions. Which brings us to the other two topics in our title, ignorance and lying. President Obama stated over and over that Americans who currently had health care insurance through their company could keep it under Obama Care. Was he that ignorant of reality to understand that if a company could save millions or billions of dollars by dropping health insurance that they would do so? Who came up with the measly fines that companies would pay if they dropped health care insurance? Could he and Pelsoi and Reid have been that ignorant of simple business principles? Or was he lying? Did he actually understand that by passing Obama Care, tens of millions of Americans workers would lose health care insurance but lied about the likely outcome in order to get the legislation passed? Nonsense, lying or ignorant, hardly traits we would want in the President of the United States. Much like the lost war on drugs, failing public education, the lack of an energy program, the lack of an immigration policy, and a myriad of other problems that have been unsolved for decades, the lack of problem solving skills of the American political class are on constant display. That is why we need to take steps to fix our political processes so that we finally staff Washington with people that know how to define and solve problems. Like the brilliant Dean Wormer quote from the movie Animal House, "Fat, drunk, and and stupid is no way to go through life," I am getting tired of living the political class equivalent: "Ignorant, lying, and nonsensical is no way to run a country." About the Author: Walter "Bruno" Korschek is the author fo the book, "Love my Country, Loathe My Government – Fifty First Steps To Restoring Our Freedom and Destroying The American Political Class," which is available at and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our daily dialog on freedom in America can be joined at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Politics 相关的主题文章:

Electronic Picture Frame Getting A Good Deal On A Hot Item!-happynewyear

Marketing Electronic picture frame technology is one of this year’s most desired items. It has the ability to display all of the great photos and memories that you have in a slide show effect so that you can easily watch your memories going by. Either hanging on your wall or sitting on the desktop, these picture frames are not one image that stairs back at you but a wealth of them. The best part is that you get to design your own slide show, creating a memory album that just sings. The only bad part about the electronic picture frames seems to be its cost. With the costs of these units ranging greatly, it can be hard to actually determine which the ideal choice is for you. To help you get a great deal on them, here are some tips. 1. Watch for sales. No matter if its Christmas time or the middle of summer, deals are always filtering through the latest electronic gadgets, including these frames. You’ll find discounts available heavily online, too. 2. Get what you want. Some of the electronic picture frame options out there actually have a number of unique features. If you really love those features, paying extra for them is just great. But, if you really won’t use them, don’t pay for them. 3. Get the size you need. Many of these frames will house numerous photos. If you only plan to upload a dozen, why pay to upload hundreds? Take into consideration the price difference, though. If you could use more, then go for the extended price. One of the most important things to do in regards to electronic picture frame purchases is to get a good warranty on the product. Depending on the model, you may have problems with it as some point. Take the time to fill out registration forms and get the guarantees that .e with the product. 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