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Syria’s official rumor because Shengguo foot ceasefire Xiaoxibushi 2828创业网

Syria’s official rumor because Shengguo foot ceasefire Xiaoxibushi rumor micro-blog official announcement sina sports news Beijing time on October 7th afternoon, a press release entitled "Syria Chinese soccer team won the men’s soccer, in order to celebrate the victory, the parties announced 48 hour ceasefire message on the network crazy! After the latest news to verify the Syrian civil war ceasefire, the official rumor platform "Sina Weibo microblogging rumor" the news is false information, and has carried on the rumor, the announcement is as follows: the latest news about the Syrian civil war ceasefire should be 10 3 April, the United States announced the suspension of negotiations with Russia Syrian ceasefire. The United States and Russia Syria ceasefire negotiations ran aground and the so-called Syria soccer team to win China caused by the celebration of the ceasefire for 48 hours, then no news sources. We hope that the people of Syria will feel happy in sports and, of course, more sympathetic to the suffering they suffered, and the temporary ceasefire and lasting peace are precious to them. And then the fictional news doesn’t make them comfortable, and that’s why it’s necessary to clarify the story.

官方辟谣 叙利亚因男足胜国足停火消息不实 微博辟谣官方公告   新浪体育讯  北京时间10月7日下午,某媒体发布的题为“叙男足赢了中国男足,为了庆祝胜利,叙各方宣布停火48小时”的消息在网络上疯传!经过多方核实叙利亚内战停火的最新消息,新浪微博的官方辟谣平台“微博辟谣”确定该条新闻为不实信息,并对其进行了辟谣,公告如下:   关于叙利亚内战停火的最新消息应该是10月3日,美国宣布暂停与俄罗斯就叙利亚停火问题进行谈判。 美俄叙利亚停火问题谈判搁浅 而所谓叙男足取胜中国队而引发的庆祝性停火48小时,则根本没有任何新闻消息来源。   我们希望叙利亚人民能够从体育中感受到快乐,当然也更同情他们遭受到的战争苦难,暂时的停火和持久的和平对他们来说都是宝贵的。然后虚构的消息并不能使他们得到宽慰,这也是为何要澄清这一传闻的目的。相关的主题文章:

Steve Chou where sober tonight starting 9.3 concert in Beijing (video) diamondprox

Steve Chou "where" sober tonight starting 9.3 concert in Beijing [Abstract] the song "tonight" where is the best sober partner, has long been well-known lyricist Chen Xinrong Steve Chou and CO creation. Steve Chou – Emil Chau "to have a song that reminds you of me" Tencent entertainment news today, with the "godfather of love songs" reputation of music Steve Chou, 2016 new masterpiece "sober tonight" where the whole network premiere. The debut for many years, Steve Chou’s life and work are inseparable with music, he created many more popular songs are deeply rooted in people’s mind. However, after a few years ago a serious illness Steve Chou about life, work and career have a new understanding and understanding: "don’t need to like it used to hum to pursue, it is arbitrary to hope a" from the heart "realm." Steve Chou "where" sober tonight singles Steve Chou invited Vivian to join his wife song production team award for well-known design sequence as visual Director Song "tonight" where is the best sober partner, long renowned lyricist Chen Xin Rong and Steve Chou co creation, Steve Chou indicated: "the creation is the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty poet Liu the word" permanent parting bells "in Yu Lin as a primer, the picture emerges is on a rainy night, don’t stop looking for traveler alone, life is lost in the homing, feel lost, or is very important thing that had made him miss a face… And no one knows the correct answer, only know that the traveller has not found…" The use of the current popular "electronic sound" mix "of traditional musical instruments", "combination of string" and "electronic", then to "hip hop rhythm" with "Ballad", also joined the French and "harmony" Aboriginal style, is a special blend of many successful works of musical elements. In order to enhance the richness of the songs, listeners bring more surprises, Steve Chou also invited Vivian to join the wife of Pipa accompaniment song by Pipa production team, unique sound to try to figure out the creation of "Liu Yong Yu Ling Ling" in "sober tonight where the situation and atmosphere. This new song is not only in the sense of hearing to bring you a new feeling, visual breakthrough. Steve Chou for the first time and years of Cooperation Award for well-known designers direction, in the single main visual thinking, "classical thinking where" tonight sober fusion of modern point of view, select the experimental vessel and special glass as shooting props, through different thickness, different curvature, new old different glass material, see the world the level of artistic conception, some hazy with a fan art, some fat bottle will make things down completely upside down, some fringe lattice will produce scattered mosaic effect… Indeed, as the moment of sober, eyes, turn his head, as if you don’t exist in the world that you think. Song name tour concert in Beijing in September 3rd at the long-term performance of Steve Chou everywhere around the world, in the last "I do not know when to" tour with all the fans into the time tunnel, the aftertaste of these songs in those years together pain and beautiful, the high degree of sing classic songs are loaded with everyone life is beautiful because of memory and experience.相关的主题文章:

The eighteenth plenary session of the CPC Central Committee will be held on October 24th to 27 on th candle june

The eighteenth plenary session of the CPC Central Committee will be held from October 24th to 27, the Chinese Communist Party of the eighteenth plenary session of the six will be held from October 24th to 27. Xinhua news agency, Xinhua News Agency reported in English: BEIJING, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) – The sixth session of 18th Party of China (CPC) Central will be held Committee from Oct plenary the Communist. 24 to 27, the Political of CPC Central Committee after a meeting the on announced Bureau Tuesday. Beijing: Xinhua News Agency reported earlier in July 26, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting in July 26th, held in October this year Chinese decided the eighteenth CPC Central Committee sixth plenary meeting in Beijing, the main agenda is the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau to report of the Central Committee of the party, strict and comprehensive research on major issues, some criteria for the political life of the party to develop the new situation under the revised "China Communist Party Supervision Regulations (Trial)" editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

Shandong female students cheated case there are 2 people on the 50 thousand reward to arrest

Shandong female students cheated case there are 2 people on the 50 thousand reward to the arrest of the 25 day, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official WeChat issued an emergency alert, received 170, 171 and two numbers of calls to be careful, people have been cheated! CFP Linyi, another student died in case of telecommunications fraud was locked 2 suspects experts pointed out that the "section" frequent operators blame lax supervision comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporter from Shandong city of Linyi Province Public Security Department, Linyi District of Luozhuang city Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud case 26, successfully solved the case, 4 suspects has been arrested, another 2 suspects at large. In August 19th, the suspect Chen Wenhui, Zheng Jinfeng Xiong Chao, together with Chen Fudi, Zheng Xiancong, Huang Jinchun et al as Education Bureau cadres, with grants in the name of defrauding the matriculation freshman Xu Yuyu 9900 yuan. After the incident, the Ministry of public security attaches great importance to immediately organized Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places of public security organs to carry out investigation. 26, 2009, the Fujian public security organs will Chen Fudi, Zheng Jinfeng, captured by the Guangdong public security organs will be arrested by the Chinese government. The suspect Chen Wenhui, Zheng Xiancong 2 people at large. The Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant for the arrest of 2 suspects. The Ministry of public security to help arrest the active units or individuals to find clues informants, each captured a suspect will be given fifty thousand yuan reward. In addition, Linshu Song Zhenning deception detection work made significant progress, has been locked 2 suspects, arrest and related work in progress. As the University School season approaching, Linyi City, a spate of telecommunications fraud cases at least three students, three students of bank card fees or money cheated, a man and a woman suspected of causing sudden death of two students, causing widespread concern in the community. Disclosure of personal information, vulnerable, lack of social experience and lack of education in University generation telecommunications fraud fraud victims "disaster" recently, Shandong Linyi female students to encounter Xu Yuyu grants in the name of the implementation of telecommunications fraud, ready to pay tuition fees 9900 yuan cheated, too sad to fainting away. The 18 year old mood suddenly fade distraught, criminals bad behavior outrageous. Reporter survey found that college students in recent years has become a telecommunications fraud victims of the hardest hit, to avoid "Xu style tragedy" reproduction, must be multi pronged approach, a comprehensive strategy. College students and young people just to work telecommunications fraud was mostly open files, in recent years, college students encounter similar telecommunications fraud cases of college students has become one of the It is often seen., deceived the new groups. In October last year, a small college in Changsha, a small Chen Yu will be an online game equipment for sale, log on to a trading site transactions. Soon, Chen received a phone call from the "customer service website". The person said on the phone game equipment has been sold, such as cash required to pay the deposit for foot". In the process of communication, "customer service" to obtain the Chen trust, kept asking him to open "security service", "pay cash expenses". Chen for gospel truth 8相关的主题文章:

China’s fertility rate will drop again – Sohu review ghost observer

Chinese or fertility rate will drop again – Sohu recently published "Chinese review October statistical yearbook 2016" show: in 2015, women of childbearing age Chinese "total fertility rate" (refers to the countries or regions of the women in the childbearing period, the average number of children per woman) is only 1.047. There are two methods to calculate the total fertility rate: the first kind is a group of women of childbearing age as one year of age (divided into different age stages) fertility rate is calculated; the second is a group of women of childbearing age by five years the age-specific fertility rate was calculated. According to the first method, the total fertility rate in 2015 was 1.047, and the total fertility rate in 2015 was calculated by the second methods, which was 1.054. Although the results obtained by the two methods are different, the total fertility rate in 2015 is only about 1.05. Even assuming that the omission rate reached 10%, then in 2015 the total fertility rate of less than 1.2. Some people do not believe that China’s fertility rate is so low, they think that now more and more families have two children, fertility rate may be so low? It is obvious that they have overlooked the common phenomenon that many women do not have a child. If an adult female is not married or not married children, then pulled down the overall fertility rate data, even if another adult women gave birth to two children, the two women on average only gave birth to a child, the average growth rate of only 1. A country born every year, some children, one child, some two children, some are more than three children or more than three children. According to the China Statistical Yearbook 2016, calculated in 2015, a child fertility rate of 0.56, the fertility rate of two children was 0.42, the fertility rate of more than three children and above. In contrast, in 2014 a child fertility rate of 0.73, the fertility rate of two children was 0.46, more than three children and fertility rate of 0.084. As can be seen, in 2015 the child birth rate has declined over the previous year. From 2010 to 2015, the highest birth rate in China was in 2014, reaching 1.28. This is because 2014 is the first year of the two separate child policy has been implemented in various provinces in the country, many couples alone are concentrated in the annual two children, so in 2014 two child birth rate was significantly increased than in 2013 (two 2013 birth rate of only 0.39). 2015 is the two separate child policy for second years, the fertility rate but lower than in 2014, which seems to be quite in line with "the caogui controversy" the truth "and then decline, done in one vigorous effort, three and exhaust". October 29th this year, is the first anniversary of the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy. This year two child birth rate will be significantly higher than last year, not only because many couples past although want to have two children, but the policy is not allowed, so these couples previously repressed two child will have concentrated release in the first year of release policy. Moreover, with the number of couples all the two child policy, a couple of two child policy alone than with the number several times (according to the National Guard)相关的主题文章: