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Oranges have 6 advantages in autumn the magic effect of orange peel – Heilongjiang Channel – tsumori chisato

Autumn eat oranges have 6 advantages:   orange peel magic effect – Heilongjiang Channel – People’s original title: Autumn eat oranges have 6 advantages, orange peel magic effect in autumn, oranges began to appear on the market, do you like to eat oranges? Oranges are rich in nutrition, and the taste of acid and sweet is also loved by many people. Today, for you to introduce what is the 6 benefits of eating oranges in autumn, as well as a small coup to buy oranges, do not miss it. The 6 benefits of eating oranges in autumn promote catharsis. Orange fiber content is quite high, eat more can promote defecation. Cholesterol lowering. Rich dietary fiber is not only conducive to gastrointestinal peristalsis, while the use of pectin in oranges can also reduce the incidence of cholesterol. Cosmetology. Oranges have the role of beauty, because the vitamin C content of oranges is the highest, eat more can not only keep the skin supple, but also help to inhibit the formation of melanin. Eliminate fatigue. The content of citric acid in oranges is very high, and citric acid not only has the effect of appetizing, but also has the function of eliminating fatigue. Protect cardiovascular. Healthy hesperidin can strengthen capillaries toughness, lower blood pressure, heart dilatation of the coronary artery, the orange is the prevention of coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis food research confirmed that eating citrus can reduce cholesterol deposited in the arteries, contributes to atherosclerosis reversal. Cancer prevention and treatment. In fresh orange juice, there is a strong anti-cancer activity substance "Naomi spirit", it can make the carcinogenic chemical decomposition, inhibition and blocking the growth of cancer cells, can make human body detoxifying enzyme activity is doubled, to prevent carcinogens on nuclear damage, protect the intact gene. So, how do you buy oranges? Orange choose a small coup to see the color: color slants green, orange partial acid, like the acid pick green; orange is the best, sweet and sour moderate; too deep color, never pick, because already rotten. Shape: flat than a good. Look at the orange peel: coarse skin, large particles, the skin is thick, heavy is not sweet; skin smooth, usually sweet. See elasticity: soft, and there are toughness, orange is delicious, too hard, too soft, not immature, is cooked too far ~ look at sex: orange is also divided into male mother, mother orange is generally sweet, the public orange taste is very general. How to divide the male mother? See the orange navel, only a small male is orange, a small, is the mother of orange. Finally, also tell you the role of orange peel, continue to see it. The role of orange peel, orange peel contains a large number of vitamin C and essential oil, washed and dried, and tea as the same storage, can be washed with tea together, can also be a single drink, its flavor fragrance, and refreshing, ventilation. Orange leather is a good Chinese herbal medicine, which can be used to promote phlegm, remove dampness, lower blood pressure and so on. It can be washed and dried after immersion in liquor, 2 ~ 3 weeks after drinking, can Qingfei phlegm, immersion time, taste better. Picking oranges 秋天吃橘子有6大好处 橘子皮的神奇作用–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:秋天吃橘子有6大好处 橘子皮的神奇作用   在秋天,橘子开始出现在市面上,你是否喜欢吃橘子呢?橘子的营养价值丰富,并且酸酸甜甜的味道也受到很多人的喜爱。今天,为大家介绍一下秋天吃橘子的6大好处是什么,以及选购橘子的小妙招,千万别错过了。   秋天吃橘子的6大好处   促进通便。橘子的膳食纤维的含量相当高,多吃可促进排便。   降低胆固醇。丰富的膳食纤维不仅有利于肠胃的蠕动,同时利用桔子中的果胶还可降低胆固醇发病的机率。   美容。桔子具有美容的作用,因为桔子的维生素C含量是最高的,多吃不仅可保持皮肤的水嫩,同时还有助于抑制黑色素的形成。   消除疲劳。桔子中的柠檬酸的含量非常之高,而柠檬酸不仅具有开胃之功效,同时还有消除疲劳的作用。   保护心血管。健康橘皮苷可以加强毛细血管的韧性,降血压,扩张心脏的冠状动脉,故橘子是预防冠心病和动脉硬化的食品,研究证实,食用柑橘可以降低沉积在动脉血管中的胆固醇,有助于使动脉粥样硬化发生逆转。   防癌抗癌。在鲜柑橘汁中,有一种抗癌活性很强的物质“诺米灵”,它能使致癌化学物质分解,抑制和阻断癌细胞的生长,能使人体内除毒酶的活性成倍提高,阻止致癌物对细胞核的损伤,保护基因的完好。   那么,要怎样选购橘子呢?   橘子的选购小妙招   看颜色:颜色偏绿,橘子偏酸,喜欢酸的就挑绿的吧;桔黄色的最好,酸甜适中;太深的颜色,千万不要挑,因为已经快腐烂了。   看形状:扁平的比瘦高的好。   看桔皮:表皮粗糙,有大颗粒的,皮都比较厚,压秤还不甜;表皮平滑的,一般都比较甜。   看弹性:软的,而且尚有韧性,橘子就好吃,太硬太软的,不是没熟就是熟过头了~   看性别:橘子也分公母,母橘子一般比较甜,公橘子味道就很一般了。如何分公母呢?看橘子的肚脐,只有一个小点的是公橘子,一个小环的,就是母橘子了。   最后,还要告诉大家橘子皮的作用,继续来看看吧。   橘子皮的作用   桔子皮中含有大量的维生素C和香精油,将其洗净晒干与茶叶一样存放,可同茶叶一起冲饮,也可以单独冲饮,其味清香,而且提神、通气。   桔子皮具有理气化痰、健胃除湿、降低血压等功能,是一种很好的中药材。可将其洗净晒干后,浸于白酒中,2~3周后即可饮用,能清肺化痰,浸泡时间越长,酒味越佳。   在挑选橘子时要当心避免催熟的橘子哦。   (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章:

The popular SX5 named the new X5 will be unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show – joyear car Sohu 3u8547

The popular SX5 named the new king Yi X5 will debut at the Chengdu Motor Show – Sohu [Sohu] car car new car the day before, we learned from the official popular wind, the popular SX5 officially named the new king Plaza X5, it is reported that it will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Chengdu auto show, will be with cash Jingyi X5 after the car market sales. Appearance: new joyear X5 appearance with a new design, the overall style more rounded grille with three picture style, with chrome trim, and headlight is connected with the transverse tensile, visual front. In addition, the body was added to the black under siege, with the car side tough lines, SUV temperament is more obvious. The car tail style compared to the front to be more simple, with a wide chrome strip on both sides of the tail is played as extension of the tail of the transverse visual effect. Interior: compared to the cash, the car changes greatly, basically with a new design, especially through the air out of most of the Chinese console outlet, looks very personality. In addition, the suspended screen console is also equipped with a popular, the size and function of temporary can make nothing of it we also vaguely see, it is also equipped with a front seat heating function, the overall style is very similar with the new Audi Q7. Power: the new car is expected to use 1.6L and 2.0L combination of power transmission system is expected to have 5 block manual transmission and CVT optional two.相关的主题文章:

State Securities the development of new economic industry huge space zznba

State Securities: the new economy new economy industry a huge space for development of new economy industry a huge space for development at this stage is based on information transmission, computer services and software industry and high-end equipment manufacturing as the main body, covering environmental protection, scientific research, bio medicine, new energy and new materials and other seven sectors involved in pharmaceutical and other industries ten. China’s new economy has begun to sprout, if the latter support policies to keep up with the pace, then the future of China’s new economy in the coming years will be very broad prospects for development. (1) pharmaceutical biology: supply side reform, the rise of new health care. 1) "medicine" to "reform" to promote the rise of new medical, pharmaceutical industry, "standardized" facing clearing, conceived structural opportunities "efficiency"; the medical industry to enhance the ability to do incremental opportunity. 2) from the 90s Japanese experience, Chinese optimistic about the "new medical" investment opportunities in the next ten years: from the perspective of industry, medical innovation, medical services, medical equipment as the representative of the new medical future potential; from the point of view of investment, new medical securitization will have greater investment opportunities than traditional medicine. 3) recommended the subject point of view, CRO R & D Outsourcing: Tiger medicine, Huawei; health examination: meinian health diagnosis; Outsourcing: Dean diagnosis, Runda medical; private hospital: Aier Ophthalmology, Xinbang pharmaceutical; medical devices: diving medical, medical Dunlop, Kelite. (2) automotive industry: intelligence and electrification. 1) automotive Intelligence: a radical revolution in the automobile industry. Governments have expressed strong support for unmanned, intelligent driving open ADAS billion market, is expected in 2020 the domestic passenger car ADAS market size of up to 135 billion yuan (currently RMB 7 billion). 2) electric: deterministic growth of the industry segments. The purchase of the city license + charging facilities to improve the government car subsidies to provide new energy vehicle growth momentum, short-term concern electric logistics vehicles, long-term bullish on new energy vehicles. 3) intelligent network about the automobile industry chain, concern about the proposed intelligent [Tuopu group + + technology + Wan Shuang Lin shares of wanglian [Asia Pacific shares] and Ningbo high + shares + shares + wildeal cable Ling Gao Hong shares, and the electric field of the recommendations concern Dongfeng Automobile, JAC, kasun and matsushiba shares. (3) new energy industry: focus on energy storage and fuel cell. 1 new energy vehicles spawned a variety of investment opportunities, we propose to focus on the expected price elasticity is expected to poor upstream, as well as the catalytic fuel industry facing policy. 2, the market demand and policy environment continues to heat up, the cost of energy storage and economic growth. 3) under the reform of the electric power system, the speed of the policy side is obvious, and the comprehensive energy service provider is optimistic about the light assets. 4) recommended the subject point of view, the new energy automotive focus in the field of ocean motor, rich Reiter installed, snowman shares, energy focus in the field of San Yang shares, Nandu power and sun power, xiongtao electric field change on Beijing shares, CREE, stelux shares, Nari, Kim Ji technology, electric confidence and wisdom electric light. (4) machinery industry: focus on advanced rail equipment, intelligent logistics equipment and energy saving and environmental protection equipment. 1 advanced rail equipment to see: 2020 is expected to exceed the urban rail mileage.相关的主题文章:

What is ceramic Kam brick How to identify quality foldercure

What is ceramic Kam brick? How to identify quality? ?? The ceramic mosaic also known as mosaic, is made of high-quality porcelain firing, usually made of 18.5× 18.5× mm, 39× 5 39× 5 mm block, or a side length of 25 mm hexagon etc.. What are the characteristics and construction technology of ceramic tile? The following Xiaobian to introduce you. What is ceramic Kam brick? How to identify quality? (pictures from the network)?? ceramic brick?? ceramic tile color variety, solid texture, durable, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, can wear resistance, strong resistance to pressure, low water absorption, no leakage, easy cleaning, can be used for industrial and civil buildings, hall, corridor, clean workshop dining room, toilet, bathroom, working room, laboratory at the ground and the inner wall, exterior wall decorative materials and senior buildings. ?? The quality identification of mosaic ceramic?? 1, the appearance of quality inspection line?? Pu ceramic mosaic stick in the visual range, if the basic uniform, standard specification and dimensions and tolerances, such as the line was uneven, will have to re treatment. If the size of the ceramic tile is not required, it should not be purchased. In addition to judge from the sound, a product with a crowbar, if the sound is clear, there is no defect, if the sound muddy, dull or rough, harsh, is substandard products. ?? 2, Kam brick and firmly combined shop stickers?? pinch the contact on the side of the two hands, make contact erect, and then flat, repeated three times to take off brick for qualified or ceramic mosaic joint curl, then stretched flat, repeated three times to drop brick for qualified goods. ? 3, check the time of dehydration, the ceramic tile will be put flat, shop stickers, water soaked for about 40 minutes, pinch the corner of the shop stickers, paper will be removed. Can meet the standard requirements. ?? The ground construction technology of the ceramic mosaic?? 1, the laying of the room to check the clearance size, find the founder, in the vertical control line leveling layer (founder of the pop-up leveling layer is generally divided into "soft bottom" and "hard", on the same day with the leveling layer with mosaic called "soft at the end, in the fully hardened upper leveling layer called" hard bottom". When you are looking for a founder, you can control the line on the hard bottom. Pull control line on soft bottom. A number of the paving calculation according to the construction drawing, if the lack of the whole piece should be thrown into the corner, not laying in a conspicuous place. ?? 2, with cement mortar layer: in the "hard bottom" on the brick, the first water wet after scraping a thickness of 2 to 3mm thick cement mortar (cement should be 20% weight 107 glue), in the "soft bottom" on the brick should be watering mud, with a brush uniform. With the brush with the brush. 3, when the cement slurry has not yet begun to set up when the ceramic tile, from the inside out along the control line, when the shop first turn over the side of the paper. A mosaic in order to control the good line, immediately after the ceramic mosaic tiles (on paper up), followed by hand will pave with paper, clapper tapped, make the slurry into the mosaic slot until the paper reflects Zhuanfeng so far. ?? 4, the whole paved in brick on the pad board, people standing around the repair at the pad-相关的主题文章:

UnionPay again sound strict implementation of foreign insurance single transaction does not exceed $

UnionPay voice: strict implementation of the overseas insurance transaction does not exceed $5000 limit for mainland customers in Hong Kong recently UnionPay stop brush UnionPay card to pay the premium, the International Union on Saturday once again responded that: * through the merchant transaction monitoring found that some overseas insurance businesses are single merchant multiple transactions in the volume of a single card *; the amount of consumption to overseas insurance businesses to strictly implement the provisions of the foreign exchange policy in a single transaction does not exceed $5000 or equivalent in other foreign currency restrictions; * only allowed mainland customers to use UnionPay card payment in the current insurance, other insurance items prohibited the use of UnionPay card payment. UnionPay international 29 announcement full text: in the near future, we found through the merchant transaction monitoring, the presence of a number of foreign insurance businesses in the presence of a single card single merchant transaction volume surge. In order to further standardize the overseas insurance businesses accept domestic UnionPay card, recently, we released the "overseas insurance businesses accept UnionPay cards in compliance guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide" "), reiterated that the relevant regulatory requirements and business rules, ensure compliance within the territory of China UnionPay cards in overseas use. The guidelines are currently in Hongkong trial, applicable to foreign insurance companies in the POS terminal, Internet, mobile payment and other channels to accept the domestic UnionPay card case. The main contents include: first, domestic residents in the country to buy and accident, disease and other tourism related to the consumption of current account insurance, you can use UnionPay card payment; other insurance items are prohibited to use UnionPay card payment. The two is to strictly implement the foreign exchange policy provisions of foreign insurance business single transaction does not exceed $5000 or other equivalent amount of foreign currency consumption limit. The three is to strengthen the management of overseas insurance agencies to collect the requirements of the merchant class, including: accurately set the merchant category code, to strengthen the training of merchants and abnormal transaction monitoring, strengthen business inspection, etc.. We will continue to provide overseas insurance companies in the regulatory framework of UnionPay card payment services. Yesterday evening, according to today’s "confused Hongkong insurance company suspended mainland customers UnionPay card to pay the premium of the rumors, the International Union has said that the Union did not stop the overseas insurance business card payment service. But according to regulatory requirements, UnionPay cards can only be issued within the territory of China for personal travel, consumer payment, shall not be used for the capital and financial account transactions, therefore, UnionPay cards can only be used with travel accident, disease and other consumer related projects often can not buy insurance, with capital investment for this project is the nature of human life. But reports, Chinese life (Overseas) has suspended the UnionPay card to pay premiums and policy loans; Hongkong MetLife and AIA Hongkong will also held from 29 Mainland tourists UnionPay card payment moratorium. Last year, the sudden devaluation of the RMB, then continued downward, the mainland residents to Hongkong Hong Kong insurance coverage continues to increase, the mainland residents of the mainland to Hong Kong at the beginning of the year to tighten the insurance payment channels, including UnionPay cardholders to strictly enforce the mainland overseas insurance card limit, suspend part of online payment channels. Some analysts pointed out that the move is to prevent capital outflows. Affected by this news, Hongkong’s largest insurer, Prudential Friday night in London stock was down nearly 2%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number:.相关的主题文章: