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Debt-Consolidation Times are hard for many Americans, with interest rates going up, sky high gas prices, and overall inflation, so it’s not surprising that many families find themselves in financial difficulty that’s frightening enough to cause them to seek professional help. When faced with mounting financial obligations, it’s easy to fall prey to any number of the advertisements you see on television, in magazines and newspapers, on the radio, in your email box, or on the Internet, promising to either eliminate your debt altogether–or to "consolidate" your debt. In this article, we’re going to look at how the debt consolidation process works. It’s a tempting thing to have a .pany take all your bills, roll them into one package, and then have you pay them off with one lump monthly payment, often less than the .bined total of your individual bills. But let’s look at what’s really involved. The pitch is that debt consolidation .panies will reduce your monthly payment on what’s known in the industry as UNSECURED DEBT, which includes credit cards, utilities, or anything else you bought that wasn’t secured by a piece of property that could be foreclosed upon by the lender. Your home mortgage, on the other hand, is a secured debt, which is the key to how debt consolidation .panies function. When you contact a debt consolidation .pany, the first thing you’ll find yourself doing is answering a number of questions concerning your home–how much equity you have, your monthly payments, how long you’ve been in the home, and other things. Since your home mortgage can (and often is) the largest monthly payment you have, you might be lulled into thinking that they’re merely asking in order to add your house payment into your monthly debt total. However, there’s something potentially ominous behind those seemingly innocent questions. The .pany is asking questions about what’s generally the most valuable asset of a family–their home. Why? Because their plan is to .bine all your unsecured debt and turning it into SECURED debt–by tying it to your home. There are several potential dangers involved in that. First, if you find that you can’t make the new, lower payments in the future, you’ll find yourself not only continuing to have bad credit (which is something that you could ultimately live with, even as difficult as it would be). But you could actually find yourself losing your HOME, as well–a situation that could be life-threatening! But debt consolidation .panies say they can lower your monthly payments by a significant amount, and that’s why you sought their help, right? Well, your must understand that the debt consolidation .pany won’t lower either your overall debt load or interest rates. What they’ll do is extend the life of your loans by transferring them from short-term (1-3 years) into long-term loans, which can take as long as 30 YEARS to pay off. You may lower your monthly payment, but you’ll be paying up to THREE TIMES as much for those things you owe money on–for DECADES to .e! So, regardless of how much debt you’re faced with, be smart, and before you sign with a debt consolidation .pany, ask them EXACTLY how they plan to help you, how long it will take to pay off your debt, and what they’ll get out of it, since they’re in business to make money, just like every other .pany in the world. Copyright Jea.te J. Fisher About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Travel-and-Leisure In 1995, studies showed that there were 15.1 million male drivers and 9.2 million women motorists. By the end of 2010, women holding driving licenses almost met the same number of men motorists with 16.3 million for the women and 19 million for the men. The proportion of women with their own vehicles reached an increase, from 50 percent to 64 percent, during this period of time. The rise in the number of women motorists reflects a remarkable change in the social stratum of women economically stable and financially independent. Given this freedom, women maximize their rights by grabbing the opportunity to do the hard tasks, supposedly for men. It includes funding their family needs, repairing the bathroom faucet, checking the electric wires, and even driving their kids to school. For a second, lets go back to the 1940s to introduce you to the first female licensed motorist, Gertrude Hadley Jeanette. She was the first woman who was strong enough to venture into driving. She started as early as World War II. Male cab drivers put her down, though it did not stop her from doing her job. She believed that if women could do the same job as men, and just as good, or better, why not? Through the years, women have claimed their rights. Women driving cabs are on the rise. The primary reason for this trend is for the safety of women. Mothers worry about their female teenaged children, going home late at night. They fear for their childrens safety with men taxi drivers, what with bad news spreading everywhere of the abuse done to female cab riders. Husbands alike want assurances that their wives are okay, especially in the evenings. Elders, also, feel more secure with female drivers. Thus, women- only taxi firms sprang. Women- only taxi firms cater to women who prefer another female driving them to their destination. One of the .panies in London, which is heaving for female- only cabs, offers driver carers who do far more than transporting customers from one location to another. They also operate a through-the-door policy which ensures passengers are safely inside their homes before leaving. Furthermore, they help with carrying shopping bags and other helpful stuff. On the other hand, some female cab firms serve both sexes. They accept groups of male passengers, driving them to safe places as well as doing multiple drops. The roles of men and women have shifted. It turns out most work done by men can be handled by women and the same way around. For The Times, They Are AChangin as Bob Dylan sings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Business According to a new research report by RNCOS, the US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market has grown significantly over the past few years owing to various key factors including active private sector participation through mergers & acquisitions and usage of new technologies. Taking all these factors into consideration, the Clinical Laboratory Testing Market in the US during 2011 posted an amount worth US$ 61 Billion. Moreover, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 6% during 2012-2015 with aging population and other drivers that are boosting the market landscape. Some challenges (reimbursement pressure and lower healthcare utilization), however, are to be tackled in order to keep the growth lucrative. Research Analysis and Highlights The report, US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market Assessment, by RNCOS, spread around in 40 pages, provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current status and expected position of the US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market. It facilitates the future forecasts on overall Clinical Laboratory Testing Market size during 2012-2015. Moreover, the report analyzes the current performance of types of tests (routine testing, esoteric tests, anatomic pathology etc.) and industry participants (hospital labs, independent labs and physician office labs). It analyzes the opportunity assessment for companies in the US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market in terms of consolidations and leading technologies. Some of the reports key highlights include: – Mergers and Acquisitions to Positively Impact Highly Fragmented US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market. – Hospital Outreach Labs A Key Focus Area in the Market. – Anatomic Pathology to Boost US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market. For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: Some of our Related Reports are: – US Clinical Laboratory Testing Market Assessment ( – Global Genetic Testing Market Forecast to 2015 ( – Indian Diagnostic Services Market Outlook 2015 ( – US Nutraceuticals Market Analysis ( – China Healthcare Market Forecast to 2015 ( Check Related REPORTS on: About the Author: RNCOS specializes in Industry intelligence and creative solutions for contemporary business segments. Our professionals analyze the industry and its various components, with a comprehensive study of the changing market behavior. Our accuracy and data precision proves beneficial in terms of pricing and time management that assist the intending consultants in meeting their objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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Health Pain is something that we all have suffered in our lives. It is something that seems out of our control when it occurs. Today there are many methods to treat chronic and acute pain. In addition to traditional medicinal treatment, there are various non-medicinal treatments which are easily available. Pain can occur due to many reasons, some of the most prevalent reasons are: Old accidents – Some people suffer pain in the later stages of their life due to accidental injuries. Internal wounds generally cause pain only after some time. Changing lifestyle – Due to changing lifestyle, many people frequently suffer from headaches, backaches and cervical problems. The basic aim of Pain Management Treatments is to ease the suffering and pain of people and improve the quality of their lives. Typically, the Pain Management Experts are medical practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologists and occupational therapists who employ various approaches for relieving pain. The coordinated efforts of the Pain Management Doctors can provide an effective Treatment For Chronic Pain conditions. Some Of The Pain Management Treatments Are: Injections & Medicines – Injections are the best remedy to provide instant relief from pain. Some of the injections that are used include epidural injections, Hip joint and bursa Injections, Botox Injections, Shoulder joint and bursa Injections, Trigger Point Injections, Knee Injections, Cervical Epidural, etc. Medicinal Treatments can also be utilized to treat acute pain. The injections and medicines must be taken regularly to relieve pain. Physical Therapies – Physical Therapies include various strengthening and stretching exercises, traction, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), iontophoresis, heat and cold therapies etc. These therapies are quite popular to relieve acute pains such as back pains, cervical pains and neck pains, etc. Behavioral Therapy – It is very helpful in providing relief from complex and chronic pains. It also helps to relieve pain caused by depression. It basically focuses on the thoughts, feelings and behavior of the patients and brings about a change in their attitudes by using effective techniques and methods. If you are looking for an effective Pain Management Clinic, then you can avail the services of Integrative Pain Clinic. Located in West Chester, PA. The clinic uses individualized approach to treat the patients providing them personalized services. It offers Low Back Pain Treatments, Neck Pain Treatments, Occipital Neuralgia Treatment, Chronic Pelvic Pain Treatment, Shoulder Pain Treatments , Knee Pain Treatments, , Hip Joint Pain Treatment, Epidural Pain Treatment, etc. The Treatment Services include Injections and Medicines Treatment, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy and Massage Therapy. For more details, log on to ..integrativepainclinic… About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Grand Canyon Vacation Deals Pointers On How To Lool High Quality Services And One Of A Kind Air

Home-and-Family Grand Canyon vacation with Rafting Activity A rapidly growing vacation activity that attracts adventure seekers from all walks of life is white water rafting. This exciting sport that is regularly offered in your Grand Canyon vacation can be intimidating for some because it requires physical fitness and intense preparation to ensure safety and proper execution. A lengthy list of dos and donts, what to pack, what to leave behind and also how to prepare for your first try will be supplied by your guide in case you are new to the sport. Swim wear, waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses, bug repellent and a lot of dry clothes are some of the vital items to pack for this activity. It is also suggested to bring along a pair of .fortable shoes because the trip often involves hiking in the Grand Canyon. It is highly likely that your first-time rafting experience will be memorable and fun if you follow these guidelines correctly. Touring the South and North Rim of Grand Canyon If you are planning a Grand Canyon vacation, make sure to plan carefully because this exciting destination has a lot to offer that requires thorough planning to make your journey a successful one. The first factor that you should regard is deciding which end of the Canyon you want to visit which are the North Rim and the South Rim. Extended approximately 43 miles south of Jacob Lake on State Route 67 is the North Rim, which is not regularly visited by tourists .pared to the South Rim due to the fact that it is closed during the months of October to May. On the other hand, If you are searching for a more relaxed Grand Canyon vacation that provides a more exclusive escapade with lesser crowds, the South Rim is the best alternative which lies about 82 miles north of Flagstaff. The South Rim lies approximately 81 miles north of Flagstaff, Arizona with millions of visitors each year especially during its busiest time that occurs from May until August. A Grand Canyon Vacation at the Grand Canyon National Park When you plan a getaway, among your .mon goals are to get away from the pressures of life in the city, relax and enjoy with the .pany of your family and friends. To pursue these goals, a vacation destination that will bring you closer to nature is an ideal option. Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect place for vacationers who have an appreciation for nature because it displays the true beauty of nature and travelers get a rare chance to experience it up close and personal. Found in the amazing state of Arizona, this canyon is known for its exceptional depth reaching 6000 feet while measuring 446 miles long. The South Rim of the canyon is more popular because it has more attraction spots like Grand Canyon Village, Hermit’s Rest and the Watchtower. You can also participate in other activities like rafting, hiking, and air tours; in addition to sightseeing activities in your Grand Canyon vacation. Vital Things for your Grand Canyon Vacation Taking a vacation in Arizona can lead you to some of the worlds most breathtaking sites which include the Painted Desert and the world famous Grand Canyon. There are a few other things you must have along your trip, in addition to bringing enough money and clothes for your Grand Canyon vacation to have a memorable getaway. Capturing the amazing the sights of the different attraction spots, so that you can relive your experiences even after you have gone home, is one thing that you must be prepared for. You must bring the right type of camera and other vital things you need like batteries and memory cards in order to help make the memories of your vacation last a lifetime. You should consider the type of camera that you will be bringing that will suit the activities you are planning to do. If you plan to do a lot of hiking and walking, choosing a lighter camera is the best option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: