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Travel-and-Leisure In 1995, studies showed that there were 15.1 million male drivers and 9.2 million women motorists. By the end of 2010, women holding driving licenses almost met the same number of men motorists with 16.3 million for the women and 19 million for the men. The proportion of women with their own vehicles reached an increase, from 50 percent to 64 percent, during this period of time. The rise in the number of women motorists reflects a remarkable change in the social stratum of women economically stable and financially independent. Given this freedom, women maximize their rights by grabbing the opportunity to do the hard tasks, supposedly for men. It includes funding their family needs, repairing the bathroom faucet, checking the electric wires, and even driving their kids to school. For a second, lets go back to the 1940s to introduce you to the first female licensed motorist, Gertrude Hadley Jeanette. She was the first woman who was strong enough to venture into driving. She started as early as World War II. Male cab drivers put her down, though it did not stop her from doing her job. She believed that if women could do the same job as men, and just as good, or better, why not? Through the years, women have claimed their rights. Women driving cabs are on the rise. The primary reason for this trend is for the safety of women. Mothers worry about their female teenaged children, going home late at night. They fear for their childrens safety with men taxi drivers, what with bad news spreading everywhere of the abuse done to female cab riders. Husbands alike want assurances that their wives are okay, especially in the evenings. Elders, also, feel more secure with female drivers. Thus, women- only taxi firms sprang. Women- only taxi firms cater to women who prefer another female driving them to their destination. One of the .panies in London, which is heaving for female- only cabs, offers driver carers who do far more than transporting customers from one location to another. They also operate a through-the-door policy which ensures passengers are safely inside their homes before leaving. Furthermore, they help with carrying shopping bags and other helpful stuff. On the other hand, some female cab firms serve both sexes. They accept groups of male passengers, driving them to safe places as well as doing multiple drops. The roles of men and women have shifted. It turns out most work done by men can be handled by women and the same way around. For The Times, They Are AChangin as Bob Dylan sings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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