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Career for the first time! The first back-to-back 3 harden double iron beard lose depressed – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 13th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Houston rocket sits against the Sanantonio spurs home court. After the game, the Rockets lost spurs 100-106. This service, although the Rockets lose, but harden played 39 minutes, scored 25 points and 13 rebounds and 11 assists, second consecutive games scored three double, at the same time, this is the occupation career harden eleventh times in the regular season and scored three double, or his first career double back-to-back three. Playing at Spurs, Rockets win, a great tribute to harden. Popovich tried every means to limit him, but has not received good results. But as the league’s most cunning old coach, apparently unwilling to wave flooded two times in a river. In today’s competition, Popovich Bianzhen, Parke’s return to harden imposed greater pressure. The first section of the opening stage, with Ariza and Anderson’s three points, the Rockets were established 11-6’s leading edge. However, the whole ball, which is the only one of the Rockets in the lead, after the game, harden in the offensive side has been strictly limited. This night, regardless of score, or pass, the beard is playing more hard. The Rockets do not work, do not want to win harden. But the frustration is that once the beard off the rest of the rocket attack will always fall into disorder and confusion. Before the end of the first quarter, at that time, the Rockets have over 10 points behind, is harden stood out, a sign of foul and two free throws. The next round, harden quickly comes down, at the buzzer, there are more than 4 meter distance from three place, three points will suddenly shot the ball into the. But since then, strong team work ability spurs began to appear, in contrast, the Rockets here, because Anderson, Ariza and Breuer three of his hit rate is poor, harden into bitter personal embarrassment. After the easy side, the Rockets trailed to reach 15 points, to lose the game, but harden again and again during the stage, stabilize the situation in the field, he and his teammates to play with the continuous line, help them three points projection score. In particular, he and Gordon continue to switch between the right to shoot, but also to make some of the Spurs defense can not touch the mind. When came to the distal, the difference was again widened to 10 points or more, or Harden, with his passing, three points and a layup, difficult to help the Rockets win a continuation of the last trace of fire. Inadvertently, harden has dropped three, this is his second consecutive game played so gorgeous data. However, compared to the personal data, but unable to help save the Rockets haddon. Watching the Spurs revenge success, this night, beard will not be happy. (Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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