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Capital of the armed police patrol day and night to protect national day peace (Figure) – Military – People’s network, Beijing, October, 8, "comrades, do you need help?" In October 6th, Beijing City, Chang’an Avenue Shijingshan West Road, Beijing Armed Police Corps detachment of fourteen officers and soldiers on patrol parked on the roadside a cross-country car driver asked. Captain Li Sanjiang introduction, the armed forces responsible for the city of Shijingshan District armed patrols, the disposal of all kinds of dozens of cases every day. During the festival, according to the actual number of visitors, the detachment in accordance with the higher requirements of the expansion of the task, increase the use of extension area, patrol duty, strengthen deployment. Patrol car from the previous 7 to 17, the daily use of more than 200 troops. Men take a ride on foot patrol, patrol, guard and other motor, prominent city center, business district, tourist attractions, transportation hubs and other key parts of patrol prevention and control. 14 am, in the crowded Wanda Plaza central, several patrol guards are in front of the car alert. Sergeant car leader Yu Jianyong said that during the national day, every day he two flights, 8 hours on duty in the patrol area, where Wu Shi 03 patrol group responsible for Wanda Plaza and the surrounding area, crowded downtown area patrol. The traffic is heavy, difficult to move quickly, the alarm frequently and promptly dispatched to set up remote and effective reinforcement characteristics task difficult, the practice skills, tactics, training coordination, training disposal, equipped with the backbone, strengthen key areas. "During the national day visitors more than several times, in order to secure efficient disposal of all kinds of situation, we summarized the benefit by mutual discussion of" six step, five, thirty ", the 6 step in case of emergency disposal procedures, 5 police intelligence, 30 kinds of measures of compilation, issued to each of the hands of the staff on duty the more than and 40 sentence, and write a good record, practical formulas, greatly promoted the patrol." In the Milky Way street patrol, is also a leader of the sergeant corporal Li Kaiwei talked about the car. Each sentry attention, there are people in front of the incident occurred in the event of the gathering of people, speed to dispose of." Beijing shooting area, Wu Shi 04 crew are pulling the emergency drills. Car leader Chen Junjie led the two soldiers in the driver Li Kai has not stopped the vehicle from the trunk and jumped out, 3 people into the tactical formation each horn with a megaphone, head of propaganda and persuasion, a sentry to combat duty duty room and notify the neighbor group to reinforce the whole process quick and everything in good order and well arranged. Car leader Chen Junjie is the authority for training staff, he said the troops take the simulation scene, the figure deduction, red vs. blue etc., not the timing of the patrol officers pulled with the real background of the site to carry out specially designed training ground and drills, test sentry and rapid reaction capability. Detachment commissar Cheng Junwei said that during the holiday season by a detachment outpost of not less than 1/3 principles with cadres with the car, a reasonable allocation of grassroots cadres off. Let them play an exemplary role, convey instructions, and by soldiers patrol, with battles to come down to earth, touch the truth. Pay attention to the role of the army detachment body at the grassroots level in the construction, assessment of current monitor, through the backbone members, petty officer three conditions in place, after passing the car as a leader. "Wu Shi 01, please control the speed." Squadron combat duty duty)相关的主题文章:

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