Camping Gadgets That Make Your Life

UnCategorized Lots of people love to rough it in the bush. However sometimes a little bit of luxury doesn’t hurt. This is where a small but handy collection of camping gadgets can enhance the camping experience without feeling like you’ve taken everything but the kitchen sink with you. Some people love to hook up generators and run full on electrical appliances and while this is great, that’s not what i’ll be discussing here. I still like to retain some of that wild bush feel with a few little luxuries thrown in. Here are a few of the gadgets I take camping that bring a little bit of luxury without sacrificing the experience. Multi purpose gadgets As a camping geek, most of the gadgets I use are multi purpose, meaning they can be used for a variety of jobs. By far the best gadget i’ve got here is the Leatherman. The Leatherman is simply an awesome gadget that can literally do hundreds of things. It’s a default item on my camping list. Another gadget I take camping is the Ka-bar hobo outdoor dining kit. The Hobo features a portable fork, knife, spoon and bottle opener with a nylon carrying case and is designed for on the go or outdoor dining. It’s the ultimate swiss army knife utensil. Multi powered gadgets A good torch is essential however the biggest problem is eventual drain on the battery. The Freeplay XrayLED is a self sufficient flashlight, it’s internal batteries can be charged up through the mains or using the wind-up mechanism. The XrayLED is perfect for emergencies, preserving batteries on other torches or long range camping when you need reliability. The other multi powered device I take camping is the The Eton Scorpion. This is a Solar powered, all terrain, multi function device with radio, audio input and carabineer. Designed purely for the outdoors, the multi-purpose solar and dynamo powered radio provides power from it’s built in rechargeable battery, which can be topped up in any one of three ways, hand crank, the sun, or direct power input. Survival Gadget I love a petrol chainsaw as much as the next person however I don’t have one handy all the time. Instead I have this cool thing called a pocket chainsaw. It’s used by Special Forces (so the means it’s already cool), and is designed to cut through the hardest wood. The best bit is that the pocket chainsaw packs away into a small super portable package. It stays in my camping gear bag so it’s just there all the time. One of my top camping gadgets is also perfect for any survival situation. The Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Knife. Whether surviving the zombie apocalypse, starting a fire, hammering in a tent peg or chasing a wild animal, the Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Knife is a serious piece of hardware, that could save your life. Integrated into the end of the handle is a stainless steal pommel perfect for hammering in tent pegs and on the front of the blade cover is a section that houses the fire starter. The fire starter is a Ferrocerium rod type that you drag down the back of the knife. It can get wet and be used over and over again. Next time you go camping pop a few camping gadgets into the kit bag. You never know, they could be the difference between a good camp or a bad camp. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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