Cameron stepped down after more money speech earned 120 thousand pounds an

After leaving office, Cameron more money speech earned 120 thousand pounds an hour in July 13th, after the resignation speech, Cameron waved goodbye to the people. (source: Reuters) Chinese daily on 14 November, (Sun Ruonan) after the British and European referendum results announced, Prime Minister Cameron’s resignation, a time for many of his supporters. However, I do not know, Cameron gave up his political career, his new career seems to be more money". The British "Daily Mail" reported on 14 November, the day before Cameron was invited to the New York Wall Street real estate company Blackstone made a speech, the main content is the influence of the British brought off the European referendum. This is a speech, Cameron accounted for 120 thousand pounds (about 1 million 25 thousand yuan), the money rate is really surprising. It is reported that the whole speech about an hour, which means that he paid as much as 2000 pounds per minute. From the revenue perspective, Cameron abandoned politics is not a good choice. After all, Cameron served as prime minister during the annual income is 143 thousand pounds (about RMB 1 million 220 thousand). If the 50 year old Cameron maintained that speed money, then his assets will soon and former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wealth par. It is reported that, in 2007, Blair resigned as leader of the Labor Party and the post of prime minister, the current total assets of up to 2700 of his (about RMB 230 million). Reported that Cameron had also been invited to the United States in October to make a speech Bain investment company, it is estimated that the remuneration may be similar to the. Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is the co-founder of the company. Previously there have been rumors that Cameron will move to New York to work, but his children are now in London School, and his wife will also begin in London fashion design career, he seems to have no need to go to work in the United states. (Editor: Zhou Fengmei) (China Daily)相关的主题文章:

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