By early marriage of Uber may be a failure carpool business model has been destroyed liuxiaobo

By early marriage of Uber may be a failure carpool business model maximum damage has been eliminated carpool business model has destroyed the second network about the new car finally appeared, the detailed rules for the implementation of the platform ecosystem have resorted to force around the "standardization", which not only contributed to the marriage drops and Uber, B2C and C2C broke the barriers. It will inevitably lead to a series of strategic change. In 1, platform competition in the Beijing Shanghai draft of the most influential people in the car to control tightening, such as the Beijing Beijing car, Shanghai Shanghai, displacement and wheelbase restrictions and always cover drops emerge in an endless stream, don’t put the glint and flash of cold steel. For example, Shanghai draft requirements of fuel axle distance of 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase of 2650 mm or more, the equivalent of the B car into the threshold of access to the A-class car drops fast is simply drops the force before the crowning calamity, self car business especially hit, it was determined the 3 models of Citroen Sega, BYD and Nissan Sun Qin, in addition to the latter barely, another 2 A-class car has been sentenced to death, has entered the 3 years owing on the loan cycle in a considerable part of the driver’s case, to be taken by surprise by. After the mouth filled with let drops of a dummy eat Huang2 Lian2 suffering, according to data released last year, drops had indicated in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen capacity especially on higher quality of local drivers, the lowest proportion of Shenzhen local drivers are about 35%, 47.29% in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou all the more than 60%, some of the economic better development of the regional center of the city such as Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, is the region of more than 95% to the upside. However, in the implementation of the draft of the Beijing Shanghai drops in response to the new deal, the data are "deteriorating" to Shanghai 470 thousand driver has been activated, only more than 1 people to have a local residence, after a lapse of a year so be quite different, visible drops greatly agitated. The new deal has finally returned for the two core elements, namely, weaken the network about car platform scale advantages, forced a buffer is arranged between the network and the taxi about cars. In such a market situation, the invention drops and Uber to create redundant demand at the C end, then at the B end of the release of a large number of supply, the rapid ripening market practices must come to an end. After the New Deal era, with the gray area is about to clarify the policy quickly, net car platform capacity by extrusion, is committed to the stripping of excess capacity and pseudo demand drops facing a double blow, especially the fast competitive advantage will be greatly weakened. In such a deep wide north first-tier cities, drops will have to face a strange competition, with limited fleet size to ensure the profitability of cycling, this will give the Shenzhou car safety has always been shouting and claiming to be the second, continuous subsidies, frequently issued a creative man easily to the car with the opportunity. But the feeling is countermeasure drops + intimidation, a kindly grant various household equal rights, a call not to let people lose their confidence and enthusiasm for innovation, and their ability to eliminate hidden unemployment in that capacity to background, also deliberately showing on the net about car prices concerns about car prices may rise to claim net taxi more than 2 times. On相关的主题文章:

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