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Britain off the EU to make reverse? This is one of the two women play Sohu – the recent news of the international press good fun, play a game! The next president in the "bestie Smecta", Pu Jinhui traced by the cult, I see other people eat melon yilengyileng. The donkey on the other side of the dispute is becoming increasingly intense, the plot is reversed and then reversed, simply more than the house of cards wonderful. Last night, the first half of this year a anger brush sense of presence in Britain also made a big news: "Europe off" drama is likely to reverse! What is the matter? And listen to the foreign affairs department. Last night, the British High Court ruled that: the British government in the formal start of the removal process must be approved by parliament. A message across the UK wespecial! To the That’s final. Europe off steep variables originally. In May this year, the British referendum decided to withdraw from the eu. However, the EU is not the XX Association, you said that you can retreat on the back, to go through some of the complex procedures. The moment Cameron suddenly loadnot work, I now say this matter, they threw the pan Mei Teresa?. Other EU countries do not have, to the British Propaganda: you don’t delay time, hurry off! So Aunt Mei in October this year announced before the end of March next year, triggering the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth, officially started off the European program. And so on, why do you say that the trigger of the "Lisbon treaty" fiftieth is to start the process? It is said that the 27 brothers played very "baibazi", a "share bliss and misfortune together", "the mountains edge of heaven, but dare Donglei" oath, signed a "Treaty of Lisbon", everybody in this treaty said later. Since the join also can exit, article fiftieth of the treaty provisions out of the program, simply a word: want to go, first with the rest of the brothers talk, take responsibility, a clear division of property, and after we all irrelevant, you go your way, I go mine. Bridge! But in Aunt Mei that "I was most probably it did not actually happen, I call the shots when the British Prime Minister, from Europe I say, a group had opposed the people in Europe and another woman led by stand out: why? You forget that we have a parliament, and how can a prime minister decide such a thing without asking the Council? The woman called Gina (GinaMiller), 10 years old when they emigrated to the United Kingdom (see the color of the skin to know it), engaged in the investment industry, and now run an investment company with her husband, Miller. And many people left the same as Optima, she was worried that the United Kingdom once the start of the removal process, the government will pay too much attention to immigration issues, while ignoring the financial investment industry. Under the leadership of Miller, they launched a lawsuit against the British government that the government did not approve the parliament began to take off the European Union violated the constitution. In the view of foreign affairs, Miller offers a loophole of the British political system: the prime minister power big or parliamentary power? After making the ruling, the British division相关的主题文章:

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