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Bijia reminder: Anderlecht for Europa League has 3 victorious [] single football field prediction: 0-2 Anderlecht VS Moss golon game time: 2016-11-28 Monday 03:00 Venue: analysis of Storck Stadium: Andre Hurt hunt ball: Andre Hurt in Europa road against FC Gillan’s game, Siti Lammens opened the scoring after just 10 minutes the record, which is subsequently opponents penalty, in ninetieth minutes, substitute Massimo Bruno and Dio Dos Ki almost simultaneously scored lore, and finally to 3:1 hard to defeat the opponent. The victory will be a direct advance to Andre Hurt in Europa in the top 32 games. The pro game, Andre Hurt round trip to 2:3 by Wilshire achieved against the war, Dio Dos Ki May opened two degrees, but they could not hold the advantage of victories. Since the end of 10, in order to prepare for the champions league tournament, Andre Hurt in the league than can not bear to look, they have 3 consecutive rounds to win, they present with 25 points in the standings than sixth, from second before the favorable ranking straight to fall. Although the results implicated, but the main striker Dio Dos Ki topped the league with 11 goals than first scorer, Siti Lammens also contributed 4 goals and 2 assists good results. The new season, Anderlecht in the defensive level appeared on some of the slack, some lose 8 goals home court game powerhouse style. After the shock defeat to West Lou, they have been significantly improved in this respect. This will be weak against the League Moss high Lun, Andre Hurt’s progress in Europe at this time, their high morale, full of war, to improve the state of losing one after another, but the ball half handicap of if the disc will be bold or otherwise intervention, be careful to. Moss golon: Moss golon in the last round of home court 0:2 by Ghent Bijia League defeated, losing to record it, which makes them difficult to extricate themselves into a mystery. Moss golon is currently 11 points to 3 wins, 2 draws and 10 negative results ranked in the standings than fourteenth, just above the relegation zone to St. tours 1 League, now the team really in the relegation risk. Moss accepted the 10 Lunxin high season defeat, victory made only in San West Lou and ouben tours Gordon, the body, the team almost broken back behind the bottom West Lou. The team’s main midfielder Hubert in the last round after the suspension will be lifted back, and Stojanovic, from Tilban and Diego Diou these have got the main team fourth yellow cards. Moss golon in Bijia League away to the achievement of some aspect, 2 wins 1 flat 4 negative record on the road in Bijia upstream, it is worth mentioning that, although the team defense did not achieve the desired effect, but they are on the road the offense has played youmoyouyang, 10 Away League goals with Standard Liege and Ostend attack capability comparable to the. disc相关的主题文章:

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