Bestie borrow card brush 70 thousand women run away lawsuit must first fill in for her new network –

Bestie borrow card brush 70 thousand women run away lawsuit must first fill the hole for her new network – the good little Hu my credit card lent bestie emergency, but do not want to brush bestie after nearly 70 thousand yuan can not contact. In desperation, she had to put the former bestie on the court, but was told to put credit card, in order to recover bestie. This is really a dumb man to eat bitter Coptis can not say. Ninghai Hu and Chen from the beginning student relationship is very good bestie. Last year, Chen father-in-law was very ill to urgent need of money to borrow money from her by. At that time, Hu also hand tight, in order to help her bestie, put the credit card to Chen emergency. But take a few months bestie credit card, Hu began received a notice from the bank, she asked as soon as possible debt service. Hu know Chen in the brush their credit card, did not think, contact Chen, let her as soon as possible to fill in the "hole", Chen was mankoudaying. In fact, Hu later has continued to receive a single bank payment notice. This, Hu a little anxious, quickly went to the bank counter pulled the credit card transactions on the bill. She never dreamed that nearly 70 thousand yuan bill, shows the disbursement is all Taobao store shopping, buy clothes, mobile phone charging cost of this class, Chen also used her credit card to buy household appliances, but no one is detached and medical. Hu realized, Chen said to heal father-in-law is a lie. Hu hurry to find Chen afterwards, but how can not contact. In desperation, Hu had to sue to the court, asked Chen to return its arrears of nearly 70 thousand yuan. But in the case of the trial, the judge learned, so far the bank debt is still not yet, according to Hu signed with the bank "credit card contract", Hu as a credit card in the name of the cardholder shall not be lent to others and have to repay bank debt obligations, the actual use of people to produce Chen in the use of the credit card debt, Hu Chen can not directly request reimbursement to the bank or its own, Hu only after the repayment to the bank, in order to recover the lost chen. Eventually, Hu said he will first withdraw, in card debt is over the bank, and then be prosecuted. Handling the case, the judge reminded that the credit card overdraft consumption, there is a great risk to lend to others, the cardholder must be careful when lending credit cards. Like Hu, although it is your most trusted bestie, but do not want to eventually be put together. The final credit card hole still need little mess to repay, if Hu does not have long-term, is also likely to be sued by banks. And whether it can be picked up from the small Chen Chen brush 70 thousand, which is also an unknown. Reporter correspondent Guan Er Shao Qiaohong相关的主题文章:

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