Beijing – VIDEO – Mid Autumn Festival, guerbang two seven day holiday holiday peak Ying Xinjiang Rai-ca1477

Beijing – VIDEO – Mid Autumn Festival, guerbang two seven day holiday Xinjiang railway welcome holiday peak [comment] in September 9th, reporters from the Urumchi Railway Station in Xinjiang learned that, in order to meet the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival of Eid al AdhA and all ethnic groups, to meet the demand for passenger travel, Urumchi Railway Station has carried on the detailed arrangements for the false date of passenger transport organization work. The same period [] (Xinjiang Urumchi Railway Station Zhanfuzhanchang Hao Li) of all ethnic groups in order to facilitate passenger travel during the Mid Autumn Festival and the station in the Mid Autumn Festival and Eid al AdhA, we put 13 on during the Eid al AdhA, and Urumqi to Hami emu. [comment] it is reported that in September this year, due to guerbang and Mid Autumn Festival are superimposed, the Xinjiang railway passenger to travel and visit the southern and Northern and eastern Xinjiang Xinjiang passenger flow area, there was a substantial increase. A large number of passengers during the holiday before the holiday to go out, after returning a set of highly centralized, travel and return flow in time and number. [during the same period] (Hao Li, deputy head of Xinjiang Urumchi Railway Station), we expect that during the holidays, two stations are expected to reach about forty-five thousand passengers per day. Seven days is expected to send visitors close to send nearly three hundred thousand passengers, visitors also reached nearly three hundred thousand people. [comment] also called Eid al AdhA Eid al AdhA. Eid al AdhA and Eid (EID), Mohammed tied for the three major Islamic religious holidays. Reporter Zhang Xinjiang Urumqi reported相关的主题文章:

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