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Beijing High Court informed telecommunications fraud personal information leaked into the hardest hit – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yu Lixiao) in November 11, the Beijing Municipal Higher People’s court 11 informed that since 2013, the telecommunications network fraud cases of Beijing Court concluded three, 326 people have been sentenced to more than the penalty, and the leakage of personal information of citizens has become the hardest hit in such cases. Beijing City, two high court criminal court vice president Luo Pengfei held in 11 to guard against fraud in the telecommunications network news conference that, compared with other provinces, the telecommunications network fraud cases is not a "disaster area" of Beijing court, but the charges related to the number of cases is high, need to pay close attention to. According to statistics, since 2013, Beijing three courts concluded all types of telecommunications network fraud cases 50, involving more than 1900 victims, involving more than 4000 yuan (RMB, same below). A total of more than 326 people sentenced to imprisonment, the heaviest sentence of the defendant sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 20 years. The data also show that since 2013, Beijing three Court of first instance concluded a total crime of impairing credit card administration of 171 322 people, a case of first instance concluded, the sale of counterfeit or altered identity card crimes 143 168 people, a case of first instance concluded the infringement of citizens’ personal information crime 109 144 people. Luo Pengfei said that these cases are often provided for a large number of telecommunications fraud cases of illegal citizenship information, bank card information, mobile phone information, etc., objectively provides help for telecommunications fraud. The main form of telecommunications fraud is "six big trap", respectively, the high quality and inexpensive traps, selling products online shopping convenience trap, heterosexual friends emotional traps, winning information surprise trap, posing as a state functionary fraud trap, phishing sites and online bank by trap. In the face of the grim situation, the telecommunications network fraud rampant Luo Pengfei said that the court should adhere to strict examination and approval against the idea, the ringleader, punish crime, recidivism, recidivism, key members of occupation crime, highlight the key areas; some links in telecommunications fraud shall be punished according to law and related criminals, cut off the interest chain of this kind of crime. The high court of Beijing, according to the Supreme People’s court sentencing standardization requirements, formulated the "common crime sentencing guidance implementation rules". Specifically, through SMS, telephone or via the Internet, radio and television, newspapers and magazines publishing false information, the implementation of fraud for the majority of people are not specific cases, most can increase the benchmark penalty in sentencing the 30%. (end)相关的主题文章:

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