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Beijing – VIDEO – Hubei Enshi storm caused the fire rescue residents trapped evacuation of 51 people [comment] in September 27th, affected by heavy rain, flooding a dormitory located in Hubei city of Enshi road bridge is the soaring water, several people were trapped water, a serious threat to life and property, need to transfer. [comment] in the morning at 7:50 PM, the Enshi fire brigade after receiving the alarm, immediately mobilized Enshi city Qingjiang squadron dispatched 2 vehicles and 10 soldiers, carrying assault boats, rubber boats, life jackets, safety rope and other equipment rushed to the rescue scene. [comment] arrived at the scene, the fire brigade found the bridge section of Tobacco Bureau dormitory water reached 1 meters in a world of waters, deep, several people were trapped in the residential building, the water level is still rising, in critical condition. Among them, most of the people trapped in the mobility of the elderly, women and children. [comment] according to the actual situation of the scene, rescue officers and soldiers quickly driving rubber boats, carrying lifejackets, safety rope and other rescue tools, in accordance with the "first low floor, then high-rise" order, take back, hold and help etc., will be trapped by transfer to the lifeboat, batches transported to safety. Commentary] as of 10:30 on the same day Xu, after nearly 3 hours of intense rescue, fire officers and soldiers were rescued by emergency rescue trapped masses of 51 people.相关的主题文章:

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