Bao Chun new SUV fuel consumption exposure a minimum of only 5.2 liters per hundred kilometer-htc802w

Po Chun new SUV exposure   fuel consumption of only 5.2 liters per hundred kilometers; the lowest — car — original title: Po Chun new SUV fuel consumption of only 5.2 liters per hundred kilometers minimum exposure following the 310 after the listing, Bao Chun car continues its product types. According to the Po Chun car plan in the fourth quarter of this year, will launch 5 new models, including an entry-level SUV, Po Chun 510. The online auto market from the State Ministry was informed that: Baojun 510 will be equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, comprehensive fuel consumption is 6.3L 100km, the lowest 5.2L 100km. From the Ministry of information, Po Chun 51 thousand km combined fuel consumption of 6.3L, on the outskirts of fuel consumption is only 5.2L. The main line of the city and four or five rural market Baojun car, the fuel economy and the price when the car, is a big advantage. The new appearance in the split light group, the upper part is LED lamp, headlight in the side. As the two front grille design, black shield grille grille and body on the lower part of the chrome trim package decoration. The tail line is rich, the exhaust cylinder is designed for both sides, the overall shape is very wide. In the interior, the new car is designed for the depth of the double tone with style. The three pieces of the multifunction steering wheel, the steering wheel and the air outlet and the multiple use of chrome trim. New car interior overall sense of layering. The middle is equipped with an independent suspension large size LCD screen, and the use of integrated instrument panel, the overall effect to enhance the grade.     Bao Chun 510 body size of 4220*1740*1605 1625mm, wheelbase 2550mm, is a small SUV. The new car is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output power of 82kW, peak torque 147Nm. Transmission matching 6 speed manual gearbox. After the listing, the CS35 of Changan, JAC refine S3 competition. (: Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

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