Badaling tiger wounding a complete exposure of the video to restore the integrity of the process – C tamiflu

Complete video of Badaling tiger wounding exposure reduction after complete – Beijing July 23rd, Beijing Badaling wild zoo Tiger Park occurred in the tiger wounding incident, 32 year old female tourists Zhao Heng (a pseudonym) half-way off after being towed tigers, the mother of a week under the car to chase by tiger bite. The incident caused Zhou died, Zhao Heng injured. Since then, the Internet began to spread a video of the incident, but the integrity of the video has not been open to the public. Recently, Zhao Heng through the application of information obtained by the public at the time of the incident video, and open. Zhao Heng and his family believes that through the video can be completely restored the incident, so that more people know what happened in the end. The passengers to get off the tiger attack was caused by Badaling tiger bite died in July 23rd, the Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger attacks occurred, resulting in one death and one injury. Zhao Heng in the Northeast Tiger Park off when being towed tigers were injured, her mother wanted to save her daughter when she got off was the tiger bite, eventually died. After the incident, a short video was quickly spread on the Internet, the video shows Zhao Heng was down from the car, around to the driver side was suddenly ran out of the tiger after away, the mother of Zhao Heng after seeing off to save her daughter, but also by the tiger attack. Multiple patrol car to carry out the disposal after the establishment of the Yanqing area investigation team to investigate and make a report, make the following reasons: the identification of the cause of the incident is Zhao Heng did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off the provisions of relevant staff and other visitors to the park to get off without warning ignored, the tiger was injured in the attack. A week to see her daughter by the tiger dragged away, save female eager, did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off provisions, rescue measures are improper, result in the death of tiger attacks. The investigation team found that the incident does not belong to the production safety accident. Park vehicles rushed to the scene after the incident when the first exposure of the full video was exposed, the Internet circulated a video of the incident, but the whole video has not been open to the public. After the family application information disclosure, access to the video at the time of the incident. "We want to open the video to let more people know what happened." Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the length of the video in about 40 minutes, the main content of the video is the scene of the incident. Video display, incident, Zhao Heng down from the car, walked to the front of the front by the tiger away, Zhao Heng said, when they think that the security zone, to change, so she can get out, "if you look carefully at the video you can see, I’m going to the main driving position, my husband has open the door, it is in the car that we have a good discussion, and not a quarrel." Video display, after the incident, Zhao Heng’s husband soon drove away, in this regard, Zhao Heng said, was to see her mother was away with the tiger, the husband wants to get off to seek help, but because there are tigers near the mountain, rescue workers dare not down, afraid of Zhao Heng’s husband was away, her husband said the car parked in the driveway of the rescue vehicle, so he Jing相关的主题文章:

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