Average annual consumption of only 100 million Internet users to the hospital in order to prosperity 3u8813

The average annual consumption of only 100 yuan of Internet users to prosperity – hospital landing technology Sohu in November 1st, Chinese medical Internet development report Chinese first internet medical book "(2016)" released in Beijing: as of December 2015, China internet medical users to 152 million people, accounting for 22.1% of Internet users, the online healthcare information inquiry, online appointment registration online consultation and inquiry application usage rate was 25.3%; the pharmaceutical business usage accounted for 4.6% of Internet users in advance; chronic disease management, medical, health care O2O medical health field, the rate is lower than 1%. Compared with other network applications, the Internet penetration rate of medical treatment is still in the initial stage, in addition, the 2015 mobile medical user size of about 138 million people, nearly doubled compared to the year 72 million, but the use of mobile medical products users of mobile phone users accounted for only 20%. Obviously, based on the development of mobile Internet Internet health care is not optimistic, and the market size of 15 billion 370 million yuan in 2015 is directly proportional to the difficulty. So, what is the reason for the popularity of the internet medical work? The Internet is not a medical, online registration and sell drugs in 2015 increased by 66 million users, and mobile Internet use is only 20%, 15 billion 370 million market size covers 152 million users, users of the average annual consumption of only a little more than 100 yuan. Obviously, the Internet is not as a medical institution words become the user just need health tools, on the contrary, because of too much emphasis on the part of the Internet Medical Institution Registration, remote consultation and drug sales, and not through the Internet will be the user of medical health as the core of the grading treatment, social security and remote consultation, operation business bundle, in the eyes of iron brother, registration and sale of drugs business is only some but not all the medical internet. This is the use of the Internet Internet Medical should cash technology, user cases, medical information, medical institutions classification information such as cloud storage, by means of big data, the most suitable for doctors and medical institutions for the patient, and to remote consultation and line in operation to solve practical problems at present, the uneven distribution of medical resources the. In other words, the Internet should be a means of redistribution of medical resources to health care under the traditional line for positioning, registration and prescription and non prescription drug sales is only a form of redistribution of resources, and the allocation of resources should also include the entire medical ward, operation room, resource resources etc.. On the line of what means is the Internet Medical Center has also argued for a long time, there are parties trying in their preferred direction: October 16th, Sichuan micro medical hospital internet launch ceremony held in Chengdu, will vigorously promote family doctors signed service and management, remote medical treatment, health card card, precise poverty business, in addition to connect each layer of medical resources by means of the Internet, the Fourth People’s Hospital in Sichuan Province cadres health care base, Sichuan Province, the new school district under the floor line entity hospital, can provide the integration of online and offline for the old people and convenient medical services; and in April of this year, the government of Yinchuan and the good doctor o相关的主题文章:

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