Auction companies Office of fair skinned false identification fee of people because of fraud trial (-kasey chase

"Auction companies" Office of fair skinned false identification fee of people because of the fraud trial to see their own collections have no market, but did not expect to fall into the trap of "collection of auction companies". The day before, Hongkou District court in this case involving 79 victims, involving up to 2 million 229 thousand yuan contract fraud case verdict, fan and other 23 defendants to contract fraud were sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and detention ranging fined 100 thousand yuan to 4 thousand yuan. Fictitious buyers, sellers into a trap is a quarter of a Zhejiang businessman, usually keen on watching TV programs and the use of treasure, treasure the two jobs the wrong version of the coins. At the beginning of this year, the wrong version of the coins in the market value of a quarter will fluctuate, so their collections of photos on the Internet, hoping to hear the expert appraisal. Soon, he claimed to be a Huasheng company clerk Wu contacted him, said experts have already seen the two wrong version of the coins, at least you can sell 1 million 700 thousand yuan, and will hold a private transaction in the company, I hope a season quickly meet with buyers. The season after hearing of a heart, with the wrong version of the coins hurrying to Huasheng Company, the staff said that the buyer has to the company, and soon will be able to facilitate transactions. Thus, a quarter of the staff came to the scene of the fair, with the so-called buyers to communicate. In the lobby of the staff, the season signed a trade agreement on art. After that, the staff said that the buyer has to pay a certain percentage of the intent of the gold, but the authenticity of the wrong version of the currency can not rest assured, hoping to cooperate with a quarter detection. Quarter at this time has been relaxed vigilance, and then agreed to pay the testing agency detection. However, after the payment of more than 2 yuan to detect the cost, and so on a quarter of the wrong version of the currency is the imitation of the conclusions. The company will return the collection of a quarter, and said in accordance with the contract, the fee has been charged, the test fee can not be returned. At this time, a season come to understand that he is in a trap. As many as 79 quarters are not the only victims. The detection of the suspected fraud case in Hongkou Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment, from Zhejiang, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, a total of more than 30 victims were also reported to the police and the victim cheated, as many as 79. The court found that the fan in March 2015 and together with Wu, Leimou premeditated act as shareholders, jointly funded the establishment of Huasheng Company, to carry out the so-called cultural relics auction. From May 2015 to November, the group using the Internet, telephone and other means of communication through the fictional newspaper selling cultural relics buyers buy expensive artifacts around the country to trick the victim company, and signed the "art trade agreement" and the "service contract". The cultural relics detection, transactions need to pay a deposit name, to lure the victim to the designated inspection company to pay inspection fees and pay the deposit, and finally to cultural relics unqualified grounds to cancel the transaction, thus defrauding money, proceeds by the defendant with the commission. The court held that the 23 accused of illegal possession for the purpose of giving money to cheat the other party, have constituted the crime of contract fraud. Because of the evidence to prove that fan, who set up the company on the basis of the crime to defraud the victim money, it does not belong to the unit crime相关的主题文章:

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