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Spirituality we are going to cover some more basic astral projection techniques. Please understand that every brain is wired differently, and there is no proven way to guarantee instant Astral Projection. Some astral projection techniques that may work for some may not work for others, and only you have the power to obtain results. You should already understand how to relax and feel a shift of consciousness. Once that stage is reached, you should than wait for the Separation Point as described in the last article. As mentioned earlier, some will feel the body vibrate and feel out of place, some will feel lowering or heightening of the body, and others may feel Out Of Place. Whatever your re-cursor is, thats the key moment when you need to progress. Note: The above steps can most easily be ac.plished by first letting your thoughts go, followed by programming the correct Brain Theta Frequencies. I re.mend you look at the Astral Free Flow Recordings that are designed perfectly for this exact purpose. Now .es the most difficult part of actually fully separating yourself. This is by far the hardest part of the process. I have heard many astral projection techniques described, but I can tell you most are assumptions that yield no success. The secret of this step, is you have to find a way to make the total separation happen without forcing it. In a more descriptive view, you need to do something that will result in your body separating without trying to physically separate. I know it sounds confusing, but very few can just decide its time to separate and walk out. You need to find your trigger. One successful astral projection techniques trigger that has been successful for others is once you feel the separation point occur, immediately (but very gradually) convince yourself that the head of your bed is raising. Picture your laying surface as a greased pan, or a slippery surface, and the head of the bed is raising while the foot is staying stationary. As the head of your bed raises, a downward slope slowly forms as your body slowly starts to slide downward towards your feet. (Like a sliding board in a park) As your body slowly slides down, the separation point greater. That is the Goal! You do not need to reach the ground at first, and you do not need immediate results. In fact, if you push too hard, or dont allow the body to find its natural rhythm, it could drastically slow the process down. The key is to extend and expand upon that separation point, an inch at a time. Remember, the Separation Trigger above is only an example and the process must be done while maintaining a Non-Alert state. You may and probably will fail a few times, and your mind may be.e awake and active from the excitement. When this occurs, its best to forget about the process, and return to relaxation before getting up. If your brain alert, shake it off, and clear your mind again, but do not re-attempt to separate at that time. Always remember that force is not the way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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