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Ask where the haze? Beijing motor vehicle pollution governance field (Photos) – Beijing November 18th evening, Beijing Guanghua Road, roadside advertising the high-rise buildings hidden in the haze. China Youth Daily reporter Li Junhui / photo? Youth online on the evening of November 17th, the Beijing center of the Jingshan Hill Park, several tourists overlooking the city of Beijing. The city has been shrouded in haze. China Youth Daily reporter Zhao Di / photo? Youth online on the evening of November 18th, Beijing East Third Ring Road near the fog, mixed with PM2.5, lingering around the high office. The top of the top of the building has been invisible to the naked eye, surrounded by fog along with the light of the building reflects a variety of colors. Downstairs is the car off the The stream never stops flowing., people gathered at the bus station. Wearing a mask, leaving only two eyes, straight neck to the direction of the bus to look, as if the car will be able to quickly escape the haze. The day before, the Beijing region released the first air pollution orange warning in 2016. After the fall, heavy pollution weather has repeatedly attacked Beijing Tianjin hebei. The people living in the haze without exception is most concerned about the pollution comes from when can be eliminated. According to the environmental protection department analysis, the primary source of air pollution in Beijing is motor vehicle pollution. On November 17th, gray sky, Fengtai District engineering machinery factory vehicle detection field, a dozen new transfer household cars are lined up, waiting for the vehicle exhaust emissions and other indicators of the examination. Beijing PM2.5 source analysis results show that the primary source of vehicle emission has become the Beijing area of fine particles, accounting for 31.1% of local emission sources, recently in fog and haze serious extreme adverse conditions even spread will reach more than 50%. Keep in the parking lot at the entrance guard Liu Junmin, wearing a gray hair masks, masks drafty, color and the sky has become almost. He is 50 years old, has been working in the testing field for a year, are accustomed to, Hebei home is also such a day". Liu Junmin’s car passing by on average more than and 400. Restrictions on motor vehicle emission reduction five national standards will be implemented in the country since January 1, 2017. The reporter understands, the greatest impact on air quality of Beijing motor vehicle may have several categories: one is the vehicle of more than 10 years old, especially the running mileage over 300 thousand km taxi, exceed the standard rate of 80%~90% emission; one is Beijing local heavy duty diesel vehicle; there is a Beijing transit of foreign cars. Analysis of the Ministry of environmental protection, Beijing City, a large number of motor vehicles, the use of high intensity, heavy diesel vehicles and car age longer light vehicle pollution problem is more prominent. The most polluted days, the Ministry of environmental protection jointly Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to carry out inspection sampling tests, and those with serious pollution of motor vehicle. On the evening of November 18th, under the CCTV headquarters building, wearing masks of the public hurried through. China Youth Daily reporter Li Junhui / photo? Youth online in November 18th, Beijing City, Shunyi District STO hubs, 4 employees express company to rest in the truck on the top. Double 11 during the cargo, just hit the air heavy.相关的主题文章:

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