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The buyer complaint claims 5000 yuan almond almond sugar not blackmail the owner said the original title: almond sugar almond no buyers claim 5000 yuan owners posting said extortion   shop owner products buyers pay compensation after, but found that the buyer is a fake people under occupation, a post indictment buyer fraud, also announced the personal information. Yesterday, the Yuyao court informed such a case of defamation. Almond candy sold in the seller, the seller lost 5000 yuan in March this year, Shao in a food shop to buy a $3000 almond candy. Candies, shaomou, product ingredients No almond, only to replace almond almond. He felt that this is inconsistent with the store’s promotion, the existence of false propaganda, shoddy situation. So, Shao contacted the shop owner Luo, asked him to compensate for this. After several consultations, the owner Luomou compensation 5000 yuan. According to common sense, this should be the end of this. Let shaomou unexpectedly, a month later, he accidentally found a forum in Yuyao post, called: "you Taobao Tmall Jingdong Seller Note, Yuyao electricity supplier extortion gangs, and supermarket with expired food routines similar". Post content is a strong complaint shop owner, said he encountered the lion big openings buyers, but also Shao name, address, phone number, shop account name and other information list one by one announced. In addition, the post also appeared in a number of words such as extortion of garbage and other insulting words. A look at the contents of the post, Shao immediately understand that the post must be selling almond candy luo. So, this shaomou will Luomou court, asked to immediately stop the infringement, a written apology, eliminate the impact of rehabilitation in the Yuyao forum, and compensation for mental solatium 9000 yuan. The seller posted blackmail, court sentenced apology case by Yuyao court after the Luo defended their behavior. Luo insisted that their sales in the industry is the traditional name of almond sugar, there is no consumer fraud cases. On the other hand, Luo believes he really was blackmail, no slander slander each other. Why is that? It turned out that after the compensation for almond sugar, Luo has been through the public network of the court to investigate the case of the buyer shao. He found that many places in Zhejiang have been involved in the case of quality disputes. "He is a fake people occupation." Luo believes that doing so is essentially a kind of extortion behavior. And on the announcement of the behavior of personal information Shao, Luomou argued that the information can be found on the network, they just reproduced the information, the summary posted on the post. Yuyao court held that, in this case, the defendant Luomou postings on its terms is inappropriate, sufficient to constitute the plaintiff shaomou reputation right infringement, fault Luomou behavior, should bear the corresponding tort liability. But considering the infringement Luomou to a lesser extent, the impact is not irreversible, so the discretion of the court verdict. Final court sentenced Yan相关的主题文章:

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