All the betrayal of love for ignoring the truth-homefront

All betrayal of love because of ignoring the public concern about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: lone another mountain called Wushan, the mountain has a woman because she is of noble character and high prestige, boundless supernatural power, the local people called her the sorcerer. What things can not be resolved, the local villagers will find the sorcerer, the sorcerer is responsive, as far as possible to meet the aspirations of the villagers, but everyone has only one chance. The world of things, only men and women for the big trouble. And he may be a couple, two people have been before ‘about together, married after 5 years are at peace, but in recent years, the neighbors often hear from two people quarrel, gradually evolved into a fist fight. Both parents and neighbors, the village came to reconcile, after analyzing both the causes of the couples are willing to repent, but tried to mediate people a go, two people began to blame each other. He rebuked the May day dress up, regardless of household chores, he is not gentle and considerate. May day he rebuked the tea and newspapers, not enough efforts to support the family. George and may even go in the direction of light shading or display, has become a controversial issue two. Parents see two people feeling worse, once Xiangjingrubin scene is difficult to reproduce, instead of the two people indifferent to each other and words hurt. As parents are more worried about their grandchildren in such an atmosphere, is not conducive to personal growth and development. Although, the two couples quarrel will take advantage of the child to sleep or fight outside the house, but the growth of the child, always aware of the relationship between parents. A family meeting, both parents have finally decided to let them go to the mountains of the sorcerer, after all each family, cherish the opportunity to see the sorcerer, cannot but, don’t waste a precious opportunity. George and may climb the hills, in a broken, built with straw hut, saw is meditating the sorcerer. They say hello to the sorcerer, the sorcerer please them into the back room. The betrayal of love and their situation may he told the sorcerer. "A Dong, what is your wish?" I want you to ask the sorcerer "may be a gentle, beautiful, virtuous, intelligent woman." He replied "there are other requests?" The sorcerer asked "skin white and white point, a little higher height." George’s eyes light "there are other requests? The sorcerer continue to ask "finally, plus will dress up a little bit, so." He has started a "wild with joy the wishes of each household only once, please consider carefully, he has run out of your desire, it may." The sorcerer said "may, what is your desire?" The sorcerer asked: "I want you to work hard, strong point a.." May say, "what do you think? The sorcerer asked "to earn more money, let me buy clothes and cosmetics." May said, "is that OK?" The sorcerer asked "wearing fashion, charming." AMI added相关的主题文章:

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