After 42 days of inspection, national health doctor in the mother’s Day waiting for you – Sohu mater

42 days after the examination, the doctor’s health in "love time" waiting for you – the Sohu mother gave birth to the child, after the month, many mother long sigh of relief, the long gestation period is finally over! But don’t get too happy, mom and the last pass to, that is 42 days postpartum. After the production of mothers, generally need 6 weeks to restore physical function, that is, after the birth of the 42 day, the mother was completely recovered from the production process". But because of individual differences, some mothers recovered very well, some mothers may recover to some poor, 42 days later the purpose is to determine the recovery of mothers, where there is a problem, can be the first time for medical intervention. For example, by transvaginal color Doppler ultrasound, we can check the mothers uterus recovery, especially Caesarean mothers, it is more important, even to you to have a second child safety in the future, so don’t miss. In addition, the baby after 42 days of growth, with the birth of a certain turn the world upside down changes, 42 days can scientifically assess the baby baby monitoring growth status, health status, such as the baby is not overweight? There is no pathological macula on the body?…… Can also be regarded as a mother’s ability to take care of the baby a month". So, at 42 days after delivery, both for our new mothers, or our new baby, have very important significance, and should not be ignored, with the teacher’s words: "the Long March came, not because of the last point of the negligence and come to naught." In order to make new mothers to understand more details about 42 days, review the importance of this Friday morning 9:30, we invited to Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital, chief physician Xu Baoyun, came to the FM96.3 section of the live time of maternal love, and we share at 42 days after delivery of the bit by bit.相关的主题文章:

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