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Activision launched the call of duty VR will be unveiled next week fans gathering in November 4th of this year, the player has long been shooting game masterpiece call of Duty: Infinite War will meet with you. Activision in order to cooperate with the promotional game, will be held next week, the call of duty XP official fans celebration. In the fan site, will be a very special game – PlayStation VR exclusive special edition of the call of duty VR. The VR game is based on the upcoming "call of Duty: Infinite War", players will have the opportunity to drive Jackal – a single fighter in the game. However, the game is currently only a one-time experience to the work, mainly in order to call the mission of some brand marketing, but Activision does not rule out the possibility of follow-up follow-up. The following is the original announcement: we hope that through immersive PlayStation VR experience, so that players in the call of Duty: Infinite War in the world, the real experience of driving Jackal personal fighter feel. Now, this is the first launch of the call of duty virtual reality (VR) experience. And just for a one-time event, Activision seems to work a little more, perhaps there are other follow-up action. But Activision said in an interview that the VR version is only for the call of duty XP a little experience, the game has not completed the design of the VR part. It seems that, Activision may be a point in time in the future launch of the "call of duty" PlayStation VR version, but will not be launched with the infinite war. Activision CEO had previously expressed optimism about the VR industry, Activision for the call of Duty series of declining reputation is also actively adjust. Whether this experience is just marketing gimmick, or NiuDao, for subsequent action experience, for the game player, this is an exciting experience worth looking forward to. Do the first king of the new service! Tencent Web Games open service table passion on-line! The name of the game more open service operators address 21:00 37 game battle martial arts legend br 21:00 37 game magic throne Zhao Zilong 22:00 cool blue network Valkyrie 20:00 37 game magic throne 20:00 cool blue network legend br 20:00 37 game blue legend 20:00 9377 platform 20:00 9377 platform Qingyun Zhi Wei Fan world 20:00 602 game battle game [20:00 37 martial arts related news] "battlefield 1" defeat? The survey said: "call of duty" the most anticipated "call of duty" when OL CODOL near the White King met madness kichiku all star game show in Cologne: VR has replaced the independent games to become the new hot spot相关的主题文章:

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