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According to the latest research results show that   the Milky Way department is expected to face painted on the Shaanxi channel: original title: the Milky Way department is expected to face painted on September 29 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Yao Xueqing) the day before, to Chinese Academy of Purple Mountain Observatory scientists as the main members of the project team of Bessel through the study found:. The main structure of the Milky Way arm system not only has a smooth rule, also has from the arms raised "fork" or even "bridge". The latest research results were published in Science, Advance, a sub issue of the international top academic journal "Science" at 2 p.m. Eastern time on September 28th, and will be reported as a bright spot (highlights). In many popular science books, the Milky Way system is composed of an interstellar material of billions of stars and countless spiral galaxies, consisting of a core and 2 or 4 arms. The spiral arm is a characteristic structure of spiral galaxies, and the bright bands, from the center of the earth, circle around each other until the edge of the galaxy. The bright spots on the spiral arms are massive star forming regions. Our solar system is located in the innermost part of a mass of young stars that are called the local arm or Orion Arm because of its proximity to orion. It’s hard to look at the whole picture in the Milky way. However, as long as we can accurately measure the distance between the massive star forming regions on the Milky Way’s spiral arm, it is like a nail on it, and a bunch of nails can be assembled to draw the spiral arm shape of the Milky way galaxy. The structure of the Milky way is actually much more complex." The main members, the Bessel project Zijinshan Observatory researcher Xu Ye said, they found a local department of the Milky Way raised arm, it is like a bridge from the local arm extends to the Sagittarius Arm, about 12 thousand light-years long, is a projection of the Milky Way system found so far the longest. Xu Ye introduced, it will be shown that the Milky Way not as people previously imagined, only by the magnificent spiral galaxy is composed of the main spiral arms, and more likely to be the main spiral arms of spiral galaxies have a rich structure, in addition to a major arms such "branches", also has a "" on the bifurcation branches. Based on this study, the Milky Way looks promising again. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li) 科学家最新研究成果表明 银河系面貌有望重新绘就–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:银河系面貌有望重新绘就   人民网南京9月29日电 (记者姚雪青)日前,以中国科学院紫金山天文台科学家为主要成员的贝塞尔项目团队通过研究发现:银河系的主体结构不仅有光滑规则的旋臂,还拥有从旋臂上凸起的“分叉”甚至是“桥梁”。这项最新研究成果于美国东部时间9月28日下午2点发表在国际顶级学术刊物《Science》的子刊――《Science Advance》上,并将作为亮点(highlights)进行报道。   在很多科普读物上,银河系是一个由千亿颗恒星和数不清的星际物质组成的旋涡星系,由一个银心和2条或者4条旋臂构成。旋臂是旋涡星系的一种特征结构,那一条条发亮的环带,从中心深处,互相绕着直到星系边缘。旋臂上的亮点就是一个个大质量恒星形成区。我们所在的太阳系,就处在一大堆年轻恒星构成的物质团的最内侧,这个恒星物质团因为与猎户星协临近,常被称作本地臂或者猎户臂。处于银河系内的我们很难一览它的全貌。不过,只要能精准地测量出银河系旋臂上大质量恒星形成区的距离,就如同钉上了一颗钉子,而一个个钉子汇集起来就可以绘制出银河系的旋臂形状。   “银河系的结构实际上要复杂得多。”贝塞尔项目主要成员、中科院紫金山天文台研究员徐烨说,他们发现了一条银河系本地臂的凸起,它就像一座桥一样从本地臂延伸至人马臂,长度大约有1.2万光年,是迄今发现的银河系内最长的一个凸起。   徐烨介绍,这将表明银河系不是如人们此前想象的,仅仅由宏伟的螺旋形主旋臂所组成的旋涡星系,而更可能是主旋臂上有着丰富次结构的旋涡星系,除了有着主旋臂这样的“枝干”之外,还拥有着“枝干”上的分叉。基于这项研究,银河系面貌有望重新绘就。 (责编:李静、王丽)相关的主题文章:

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