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A woman sitting eating sleeping pills Springs Hotel 12 floor roof to want to commit suicide for nearly 3 hours, the woman finally rescued by Taiwanese news network October 9th she had worked for two pieces of adventure, his friends and the police are anxious. 12 noon yesterday, Jinjiang street, Donghua street, A Ling appeared in the police’s vision – in a hotel on the roof of the 12 floor. She wants to commit suicide, how advised not to come down. She is wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts, long legs, accent, about 30 years old. She sit on the fence, one foot has been stretched out, looked shaky, very dangerous. She’s been crying. See the police and fire officers and soldiers have come, she let them back, or you have to jump down. Police and fire officers and soldiers persuaded for a long time, she still refused to come down. According to reports, she is not the hotel staff. "I heard that because of emotional reasons, very sad, just want to jump off the building." Crowd of people, have speculated. 12 floor is too high, fire officers and men feel that if the floor to escape the air cushion, and no effect. Because there are two stairs floor, fire officers and police called the woman’s friend, together in front of persuasion, to divert attention to the other woman, a staircase of the fire brigade and rescue. However, because the staircase is also in the range of her vision, has not been able to find a good opportunity. The woman sitting on the roof, as more than 3 hours later. About 3:10 in the afternoon, several fire officers and soldiers to help improve safety conditions, fire officers and men from the stairwell outside the window to climb out, slowly down from the woman on the side of the back fence, carefully walked over, slowly close to her, and hid himself in the corner of the women’s sight. Police and fire officers and soldiers to positive propaganda, attracted her attention. Near, the fire officers and soldiers to identify the timing, suddenly came forward to pull her down. The others came forward, took control of the woman, rescued the danger zone, and helped downstairs. According to the scene of the woman a female friend, the man called A Ling (a pseudonym), last week because of emotional problems is not happy, had wanted to secretly eat a lot of sleeping pills, but fortunately was found in time to stop the. Unexpectedly, she did not know what hit, even want to jump. At present, the specific situation is still under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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