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A woman came home he was topless casual visitor sleep sofa Hualong network November 15th 11:55 news (reporter Roger) last night, Chongqing, a district of Qijiang Yang sister after sleeping was suddenly awakened by the sound of close up view, stunned! She saw a naked upper body of the young man had entered his living room, the sofa fell on the sofa and began to sleep. After the alarm, the police will be sent home in a drunken man zou. Drunk man at night and never return the night around 12, Chongqing South Qijiang District Public Security Bureau police station received a command center to the police: a residential area 17 building owners for help, said the family had a stranger hanging on. Goonan Lei Rong police station rushed to the scene. The police arrived at the scene found that the Yang family Crowded House, Ms. Yang still suffering from the shock, seems to be scared. Before the opening of the police, Ms. Yang reluctantly said: "look, we do not know this man, he came to sleep on the sofa, call up." According to Ms. Yang, she goes to bed at 9 pm home washing after 11:40, closed their doors to hear voices, Ms. Yang knew her husband on the night shift, the son is not at home, who is in the door? She stumbled and came to view the living room lights, found a strange young man topless, hand clothes had walked into the living room sofa goes directly to the beginning of sleep. Female owner Ms. Yang for help parties confound were stunned to see, at a loss, panic to run the living room door, hanging above the key, she remembered that he had come home when the door is opened, forgot to take the key in the lock hanging on. Ms. Yang called the neighbors to help see the back of the house, ran to the gate area to help the security alarm, and call security to help the police. Police and security across the front of the vomit, led by the owner into the living room. Sure enough, this is the name of the man on the upper side of the gas man smoked, is lying on the sofa crying, the man’s clothes were thrown aside. The police at the time and again, the man is still completely drunken, no movement. Is rain hit we know the way home the police asked the people around, said don’t know the man, not to mention any dispute with his passing event. In addition to taking off the clothes, the man did not have any items, police in the room to turn a few laps, did not find the man’s cell phone, can not contact their families. Helpless under the police had to continue shouting man, kept pushing the sleeping man. Several men’s body are only slightly moved and began to sleep, ten minutes later, the man finally wake up and opened his eyes, bare arms alternating with the mouth, muttering: "I feel so cold, very cold……" When the police once again that the identity and reason after a drunken man Zou still did not mean to leave, calmly looked around and ceiling, confirmed in someone’s home after the man face embarrassment. The police man site to verify the information, this young man still drinks not much, speak of his incoherent, things were not a night drinking. When the police asked where the address, the man repeated: Deng Jiagang, Deng Jiagang……". Due to cold weather, several police remind men wear good clothes to send him home when men were ignored, picked up the clothes to go out waiwaidaodao..相关的主题文章:

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