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A "Wei Shuwu" war generals ingenious SS fragments [Abstract] sensitive music "country Zhan Wei Shuwu" today (November 3rd 10) the new service opens! Min le "national war Wei Shuwu" today (November 3rd 10) new service opens! The new system of "the battle", to become the host of the city, to the generals, the ingenious SS fragments. Sensitive music game "s War Wei Shuwu" "the game’s official website:" war Wei Shuwu sensitive music game "" game music game "national welfare: Min Zhan Wei Shuwu" battle city occupied a city, in addition to reap such benefits of resources, the most attractive or entertaining generals this function. What is a prince? Is the reward of rare generals SS fragments! First of all, only occupied sensitive music country war Wei Shu Wu Fu to Taishou dinner, was in the middle of the city, on both sides of the town government officials is not. Then click on the main city district magistrate mansion, you can see the entertainment icon. Since there is such a benefit, of course, we will rush to snatch, remember to do defense! Haha33 "war Wei Shuwu" per person in a city one day only three generals dinner opportunities, need to consume coins refresh generals (random refresh). There are two areas that need attention, one is some specific pieces of generals will only appear in certain city, two times is not increased for dinner the other way, the only way is to occupy more prefect mansion. Rare generals SS date can be integrated, buddies do not hurry? On the national war Wei Shuwu, the national war Wei Shuwu is developed by the Beijing thunder star, a three game theme Q game version of the operation of the game. In the game of Wei, Shu and Wu three world age as the background theme, together with three heroes Paibingbuzhen adorable version, the conquest of the world. The game fresh picture! To develop novel gameplay! Cool skills will make three games enthusiasts 100 cities find everything fresh and new, battle, the magnificent three national war, more game experience will be brought to the extreme. National War Wei Shuwu official website: the new gameplay content continues to launch, do not delete files test hot in…… Looking forward to your joining! "War Wei Shuwu" game player group: 516579383, open mobile phone QQ fast sweep plus group chat together three.相关的主题文章:

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