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A review of the Xining visitors: favorite summer – Qinghai channel — people.com.cn original title: a review of the Xining visitors: favorite summer this summer, Xining is famous in the country. Tourists from all over the country packed the streets, shopping malls, hotels and scenic spots in Xining…… There are tourists with a southern accent and a northern accent. From the hot summer on the mainland to Xining, they cool content; more surprising is that the fashion Xining, Xining clean, Xining mountains, blue sky of Xining, Xining green, the original Xining is a city so smart! This summer, Xining’s self driving tour is out of the limelight. Xining City, Xining Province, outer ring road, National Road, Beijing Tibet highway…… Mercedes Benz cars from all over the country, cars and off-road vehicles. From the concrete city crowded to the vast west of Xining, they become more praise; make them happy is: the original Xining is so warm a city — Xining open, Xining Xining people confidence, tolerance, Xining hospitality, sincere people in Xining. This summer, Xining in the west, in the country, even in the world and a fire. Tourists from all over the country, and even the world, enjoy the "Xining model" in Xining. The plane train, tourist hub has the most complete, the most detailed travel service; driving on the road, there is the most eye-catching scenic road signs; live in the hotel, the most standard, the most attentive service; eat in a restaurant, the most attractive delicacy and the most considerate service; travel in the scenic area, Xining there are mountains and water the flowers, humanities, religion is only a guide, professional and enthusiastic; shopping mall, Xining honest polite, with good gift selection; playing in Xining, southeast northwest, day and night to play and how to play. Leave Xining is so reluctant to part, just a few days, the tourists have been in love with this piece of land, is in love with the people here, the tourists favorite summer capital of Xining, by common consent, we will come next summer, summer! (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章:

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